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Japan is made of many islands. It has a long history and its unique culture, in which the Tea culture, Flower culture are well-known all over the world. The dormancy volcano - Fuji Mountain, Kimono and the cherry blossom are the symbol of Japan. The deep culture of Japan absorbs many travelers from every corner of the world.

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7 Days Trip of Tokyo - Hokkaido

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Tokyo

    Welcome to Tokyo! After your flight arrival, you can try different means of transport to the downtown hotel by yourself. Today you can either have a good rest in the hotel or have a first appreciation of Tokyo’s scenery in advance.

  • Day

    You can enjoy yourself in Tokyo Disneyland for the whole day. Tokyo Disneyland was opened to public in 1983. It is the first Asian theme park established by the Walt Disney Company, suitable for people of all ages ranging from children to adults. You are free to select and visit any of the seven theme districts—the World Fair, Adventure Land, Frontier Land, Animal World, Fantasy Land, Toontown, and Tomorrow Land.

  • Day
    Tokyo - Hokkaido

    After breakfast, you will leave for the Haneda International Airport and take a domestic flight to Hakodate, the most fascinating city in Hokkaido. Upon arrival, you will head for the Trappistinu Shusoin—the oldest convent in Japan. Trappistinu Shusoin was set up by eight nuns sent from France in the 34th years of Meiji era (1898 A.D.). After that, you could visit Motomachi, Kanemori Warehouse, and Meiji Museum one by one. The Motomachi absorbs unique styles from both eastern and western cultures, where you could see many gracefully-designed churches and beautiful scenery. At night, you will climb up to the Tokyo City View at the mountain top and appreciate the gorgeous night scenes at Hakodate Mountain, which is ranked along with Hong Kong and Naples as the world’s top three night view sites.

  • Day

    There will be a visit to the morning market in Hakodate city after breakfast, which is one of the largest markets in Hokkaido. All available there are various kinds of products--fresh seafood, dried nuts, and vegetables to daily necessities, etc. The next stop is the Goryokaku Park, which got this name for its exact star-like shape. It was initially built as the city wall in occidental style, but now all left is just the outside contour of the city with its inside replaced by a garden, yet it is still of great significance throughout Japanese history. After that you will go to the Large and Small Onuma National Park. It belongs to one of the three scenes of New Japan, and is situated at the north of Hakodate. The park comprises 126 small or big islands and 32 bays, featuring views of European flavor and pleasant natural scenery with four distinct seasons. After lunch, the afternoon schedule can be started by a tour to Lake Toyako. It stands out as one of the top three landscapes in Hokkaido, in which there are four islands -- the Central Island, Guanyin Island, Biantian Island, Steamed Bread Island.

  • Day

    Today, the first destination is the Showashinzan known as the Landmark of Hokkaido. Showashinzan is a volcano formed by a sudden earthquake in the Showa Period which made it abrupt out of the previous cornfield, so as given the name Showashinzan. As the earth’s surface constantly rises up, its height is increasing even till today, and remains a young growing mountain. Then you will come to the Hukidasi Park at Mount Yotei. No need to say, Mount Yotei was named obviously for its goat-shaped appearance. The cool and pure rain water or melting snow water seeps into the underground from the high mountain and springs out here. The spring in Mount Yotei has been listed in the 100 best-quality water in Japan. After lunch, you are going to Otaru, symbolizing purity and romance in Hokkaido. With its abundant historical buildings, Otaru has become one of the most popular tourist cities in Japan. There are a series of attractions waiting for your exploration, including Otaru canal, Koa Glass Craft Museum, Western-styled Steam Clock, and Music Box Museum.

  • Day

    Today’s tour will be started from Sapporo’s Hokkaido Shrine –the biggest shrine in Hokkaido. It is Hokkaido’s Pioneering God, as well as the Meiji Jingu Shrine where Emperor Meiji is worshipped. Walking along the quite and scenic trail, you could see lines of Kayos and cypresses of hundreds of years old. Then, you will proceed to the breweries in Sapporo. Inside the factories, not only have the brewing plants and fermenters been preserved, but also large beer halls and the beer museum are established. You could learn a variety of historical records about beer gardens, manufacturing process, the relation between the beer gardens and Hokkaido. In the afternoon,you will enjoy the pleasant and graceful views in downtown Sapporo. You can go to the city’s widely known Odori Park which displays diversified types of flower each month. What’s more, it is the main site for the all-loved winter fiestas--White Illumination and Sapporo Snow Festival. It is also the major path to Sapporo, along which there are the well-known Sapporo Tokeidai and Docho Kyuhonchosya.

  • Day

    After breakfast you will enjoy free time. You might go to Hokkaido’s largest outlet center-- RERA OUTLET and buy a few souvenirs and other local specialties. While your Japan tour ends, you will take a flight back home from Hokkaido.