Thailand Weather in April

The weather in April in Thailand is very hot. The average temperature is 25℃(77℉) - 36℃(96.8℉) and the climate of the inland and northern cities is even hotter. You need to make plans for shorter outdoor sightseeing and it is advisable to go to the beach to enjoy a romantic getaway.

Although April is one of the worst periods of the year to travel to Thailand because of hot climate, there is Songkran, Thai New Year in this month, which means various activities are held and tourists from all over the world would pour into Thailand in this month to celebrate the festival.

The hottest cities in Thailand in April:
Pattaya: 35℃(95℉); Bangkok: 36℃(96.8℉); Hat yai:35℃(95℉)

The coolest city in Thailand in April:

Lampang: 23℃(73.4℉)

Averages for Thailand Weather in April

High Temperature
36°C (96.8°F)
Low Temperature
25°C (77°F)
70 mm (3 in)
05:57 ~ 06:14
18:30 ~ 18:34

April Temperatures in Thailand

What to Wear
T-shirt, shorts, light cotton fabrics and some breathable clothes are necessary. Take a parasol and enough sunscreen cream to protect your skin.

April Travel Guide – Where to Go & Tips
Tourism Rate: 

High temperature and unbearably hot weather stop most of the tourists traveling to Thailand in April, but there are still some choices such as going to east coast beaches. And the world’s biggest water fight is held in this month to celebrate Songkran, also known as Thai New Year.

It is usually held from April 13th to 15th every year. Normally, people visit local temples and offer food to the monks and so on. There is a huge water fight and all ages join it no matter where they come from to splash “good wishes” on each other. The most popular destinations for Songkran Festival are Bangkok and Chiang Mai.  

Located in the eastern coast of Thailand, it is notable for the gorgeous white sandy beaches and resorts. All kinds of islands scatter around it like pearls. Besides, Koh Samet and Koh Chang in Gulf of Thailand are popular islands. You can enjoy different kinds of water sports, diving activities and unforgettable nightlife as much as you want.

Hua Hin
It is a famous summer resort on the west coast of Thailand. There is a long, narrow arched beach and the west of it is the foothills and hillocks; the east is the blue sea and the seascape is magnificent. It is called “Miami of Thailand”.

April Weather of Major Thailand Cities
Temperature Sunrise / Sunset Humidity
High Low
36°C/ 96.8°F 27°C / 80.6°F 07:25/ 17:32 44
35°C / 95°F 27°C / 80.6°F 07:20/ 18:07 84
35°C / 95°F 26°C / 78.8°F 07:56/ 18:38 79
Chiang Mai
37°C / 98.6°F 23°C / 73.4°F 07:45/ 18:30 83
Chiang Rai
34°C / 93.2°F 19°C / 66.2°F 07:08/ 18:13 72
36°C / 96.8°F 27°C / 80.6°F 07:23/ 18:22 73
Hat yai
35°C / 95°F
24°C / 75.2°F 07:41/ 18:34 79
Hua hin
33°C / 91.4°F 26°C / 78.8°F 06:51/ 17:35 75
Khon Kaen
36°C / 96.8°F 24°C / 75.2°F 06:58/ 16:36 72
Ko Samui
32°C / 89.6°F   26°C / 78.8°F 07:44/ 17:48 57
37°C / 98.6°F 23°C / 73.4°F 07:03/ 18:11 74
Nakhon Rathasima
36°C / 96.8°F 25°C / 77°F 06:56/ 17:43 65
Nakhon Sawan
38°C / 100.4°F 26°C / 78.8°F 06:56/ 17:43 65
35°C / 95°F 27°C / 80.6°F 06:56/ 17:43 65
35°C / 95°F 26°C / 78.8°F 06:56/ 17:43 65
34°C / 93.2°F 26°C / 78.8°F 06:56/ 17:43 65
36°C / 96.8°F 27°C / 80.6°F 06:56/ 17:43 65
Samut Pakan
36°C / 96.8°F 27°C / 80.6°F 06:56/ 17:43 65
32°C / 89.6°F 26°C / 78.8°F 06:56/ 17:43 65
Surat thani
33°C / 91.4°F
25°C / 77°F
06:56/ 17:43