Best Time to Visit Thailand: November to February

When is the Best Time to Visit Thailand?
The best time to visit Thailand is November to February. During these months, the weather is generally mild with less rainfall.

Best Months
November to February
Temperature: 19 - 31℃ (66.2 - 87.8℉)
Clothes to Wear: breathable t-shirt, shorts.
 Best Season
Cool Season
Advantages: moderate temperature, less rainfall, brilliant beach scene.
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Peak Season & Slack Season

Peak Season: November to April

November to February belongs to the cool season, which is the best time to travel to Thailand. So there are lots of tourists during this period. As for March and April, though they are in the hot season, people can choose islands to enjoy their holiday. The only drawback is the high cost of travel and heavy traffic.

Slack Season: May to October

This period covers hot season and rainy season, so the climate is unpleasant, which will make people uncomfortable. Correspondingly, you can expect lower hotel price and few tourists.

Month Travel Season Temperature
19 - 31 ℃ / 66.2 - 87.8 ℉
20 - 33 ℃ / 68 - 91.4 ℉
23 - 35 ℃/ 73.4 - 95 ℉
25 - 36 ℃ / 77 - 96.8 ℉
25 - 34 ℃ / 77 - 93.2 ℉
25 - 33 ℃ / 77 - 91.4 ℉
24 - 33 ℃ / 75.2 - 91.4 ℉
24 - 32 ℃ / 75.2 - 89.6 ℉
24 - 32 ℃ / 75.2 - 89.6 ℉
23 - 31 ℃ / 73.4 - 87.8 ℉
21 - 31 ℃ / 69.8 - 87.8 ℉
19 - 30 ℃ / 66.2 - 86 ℉

Best Time to Visit Bangkok - November to February

Because the weather is not too hot and the rainfall is not too much during this period. Pleasant climate makes people feel comfortable, which means there will be lots of tourists. So you should manage your time and book your hotel early.

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Best Time to Visit Chiang Mai  and Chiang Rai: November to February

These two places are very close to each other and the moderate temperature and minimal rainfall make people feel comfortable. It is still in the peak season, so you should make plans in advance. 

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Best Time to Visit Thai Islands

The best time to visit most islands in Thailand is November to February, with a few extending to April. During this period, weather is pleasant with less rainfall and the sea is calm. You can fully enjoy your holiday on the beaches.

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Songkran Festival
Every year from April 13th to 15th is the Songkran festival in Thailand, also known as Thai New Year. It is the most important festival in Thailand representing the beginning of the year. People will pour water on others to eliminate misfortune and bless them. During this period, there are many kinds of activities and the country could see large crowds from all over the world to celebrate the festival with locals. So the hotel price will be higher and you should plan your accommodation early.
Loy Khrathong Festival
It is held on the evening of December 15th of the Thai Calendar. According to the traditional customs, people will put their own hand-made lanterns into the river at night to express their hopes and wishes. The scene is so spectacular. The most popular destinations to attend Loy Khrathong Festival are Chiang Mai and Sukhothai.