Chiang Mai Weather

Chiangmai belongs to the tropical monsoon climate zone featuring three distinct seasons of hot, rainy and cool. However, as a highland city with an average elevation of 300 meters (980 feet), Chiang Mai weather is relatively cooler than other places in the country. The annual average temperature is 14-29℃(57.2-84.2℉), so Chiang Mai is a famous summer resort of Thailand.
7-Day Chiangmai Weather Forecast
Averages for Chiangmai Weather
High/Low Temperatures of Chiangmai
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for Chiangmai
Average Temperatures of Chiangmai
Average Temperatures Graph for Chiangmai
Humidity Graph of Chiangmai
Average Humidity Graph for Chiangmai
Average Rainfall of Chiangmai
Average Rainfall Graph for Chiangmai
Chiangmai Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice
Cool Season (November – February)

The cool season with the mild and dry weather and clear sky is the best time to travel to Chiangmai. People can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and take part in many outdoor activities. T-shirt plus an overcoat are enough to cope with the weather of Chiangmai in cool season.

Hot Season (March – May)
The hot season has an average temperature between 30-36℃(86-96.8℉). It is the hottest time of the year, especially in April and May, when the daytime temperature could rise to 40℃(104℉). The combination of hot weather and high humidity make people uncomfortable. However, tourists could go to the nearby mountains to escape from the heat. You should prepare some lightweight clothes like shorts and skirt.

Rainy Season (June – October)
It rains a lot in these months with intense and short downpours and many natural disasters might occur. On the one hand, the sporadic rains bring some inconvenience for your trip; on the other hand, it makes the temperature not that high and help people get out of the unbearably hot weather. If you go to Chiangmai at this time, you should bring some rain gears and keep an eye on the weather forecast.

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