Bangkok Weather

With tropical monsoon climate, Bangkok weather features the high temperature all year around and abundant rainfall. The annual average temperature is about 25-30℃(77-86℉) with the rainfall of 1,500mm (590in). The best time to visit Bangkok is between November and February in cool season when the rainfall is less and the climate is pleasant.
7-Day Bangkok Weather Forecast
Averages for Bangkok Weather
High/Low Temperatures of Bangkok
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for Bangkok
Average Temperatures of Bangkok
Average Temperatures Graph for Bangkok
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Average Humidity Graph for Bangkok
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Average Rainfall Graph for Bangkok
Bangkok Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

The weather of Bangkok can be divided into three seasons. The rainy season starts from June to October; November to February is the cool season with the average temperature of 17-24℃(62.6-75.2℉); the hot season begins from March to May.

Cool Season (November – February)

It is also the peak travel season of the year. During this time, tourists can expect relatively dry days, cool climate and clear sky and there are many destinations they could go. They should bring some lightweight clothing like long dress and pants.

Hot Season (March – May)
It is the hottest time of Bangkok, when the highest temperature could reach 40℃(104℉). People who visit Bangkok during these months can encounter the blisteringly hot weather and have the limited choice of travel destinations. The hot season is unsuitable for travelling, but the national festival, Songkran is in April, when people from all over the world will take part in the big water fight. You should take some breathable and cotton clothes like t-shirts, shorts and enough sunscreen cream to protect yourself from the intense ultraviolet radiation.

Rainy Season (June – October)
The rainy season is also the slack season of Bangkok because of humid and hot weather. But people travel to Bangkok during this time could take advantage of low prices of accommodation and transportation. They can visit some indoor scenic spots like the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Sea Life Bangkok Ocean Word; or enjoy the world-class shopping experience in Emporium and Emquartier and Siam Paragon. Remember to bring raingear when traveling outside.

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