Can I Get Nepal Visa for Indians?

Nepal is one of the neighboring countries of India, and on the travel itinerary of several tourists coming to India. Due to diplomatic policies between the two countries, Nepal visa for Indians is not required. Indian could be provided entry to the country by providing documents that proves their nationality. Overall, Nepal has around eight to nine entry points to the country – one international airport and others equally distributed on the Indian and Chinese borders.

Apart from that citizens belonging to the SAARC member countries (with exception to Afghanistan) and Chinese citizens will receive Gratis Visa (Visa for free).

What is 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship?

The relaxation of Nepal visa for Indians is mostly due to this bilateral treaty signed between India and Nepal. This treaty was signed for establishing close relationship between the two neighboring countries, and promoting business and trade. According to this pact, people and goods could move freely between the two nations. 

According to the Article 7 of the pact, both the governments have agreed to permit citizens of one country the similar privileges in the matter of residence, involvement in trade and commerce, possession of property, and so on. These rights are reciprocal based.

Do Indian Citizen Require a Passport for Entering Nepal?

For Indian citizens possession of Indian passport is not mandatory for entering the Nepalese territory. Thanks to the 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship, the visitor needs to produce a valid identity proof that establishes the person is an Indian citizen.

Under this treaty, Nepal visa for Indians is not required to enter the country (Nepal). However during the immigrations, the Indian visitors have to provide any of the following documents:
1. A valid Indian Passport
2. Photo identity card issued by the Central or State Government of India or the UT Administration 
3. Certificate of emergency issued by the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu
4. Identity Certificate signed by the Indian Ambassador at Kathmandu
5. Indian below the age of fifteen years or above the age of sixty-five years is not required to provide valid documentation for entering the country. However, they have to submit valid age proof like Driving license, or PAN card.

However, remember that:
1. UID or Aadhar card is not accepted 
2. Certificate of Registration or Emergency Certificate is valid for a single journey

Documents Required Entering Nepal with Personal Vehicle

Indian planning on visiting Nepal with their private vehicle is required to carry following documents:
1. Driving license
2. Registration Certificate of vehicle
3. Yaatayaat Anumati (Vehicle Permit)
4. Bhansar (Customs permit)

Visitors have to fill a permit form available at the Bhansar office located at the border. This form is usually available free of cost. The form is written in Nepali (the official language of Nepal). After submitting a duly filled form along with the fee plus taxes, the visitors are handed a pink slip.

Nepal Visa for Indians Entry Points

Overall, there are eight entry points in Nepal, among which six are on the Indian borders: 
• Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu
• Bheemdatta
• Birganj
• Kakarbhitta
• Nepalgunj
• Siddharthanagar

How to Travel to Kathmandu from the Land Entry Points?

After the immigration procedure is completed, visitors are cleared to enter Nepal. Since Nepal visa for Indians is not required, the visitors from the neighboring country can complete the immigration procedure faster. Following that, guests can board buses or jeeps to reach the Kathmandu.

Indian Currency in Nepal

Currently, the Indian currencies below the denomination of hundred or less are valid in Nepal. However, there are bilateral talks between the nations regarding for legalizing Indian notes of higher denomination.

Travelers coming to Nepal with higher Indian denomination can exchange the currency at Nepalese or Indian banks and private money exchangers. These agencies convert the money into the desired legal tender in an exchange of a fee.

Since Nepal visa for Indians is not required, the country has become a preferred holiday destination for tourists coming from India.

Are you planning on visiting the country? It might be a lot more than you think.

Just pack your bags, and head to this magical destination. 

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