Do Not Miss These Six Nepal Facts for Kids

Nepal lies in between two giant countries of China and India. The best thing about Nepal is Mount Everest, which rises to 8,850 meters (29,035 feet) and is known as the world’s highest peak. Exploring Nepal with kids is a whole new challenge and whoever says it's easy is lying. You will surely face some challenges but the core result of your visit will be worth it. Some of the Nepal facts for kids might be surprising, but it’s a brilliant place for kids for all the right reasons. Here are six incredible facts about Nepal, which are super interesting and beneficial for your kids to learn.

Before we get into the six Nepal facts for kids, let us give you a head start to some of fast facts about Nepal.

• OFFICIAL NAME: Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
• FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Federal democratic republic
• POPULATION: 29,717,587
• CAPITAL: Kathmandu
• MONEY: Nepalese rupee
• MAJOR MOUNTAIN RANGES: Himalaya, Annapurna
• AREA: 54,363 square miles (140,800 square kilometers)
• MAJOR RIVERS: Karnali, Koshi

1. People & Their Religions
Most of people in Nepal practice Hinduism along with Buddhism. The cast system was lifted and outlawed by the government of Nepal, however, it still adds up a lot of importance in the everyday life of the people.

To put it precisely, the residents of Nepal are divided into four groups: the Hindu caste, the hill tribes, the Bhotes, and the Newar. The Hindus are from India and continued to follow the caste system in Nepal. Hill people include the Sherpas and other tribal people who are born in the mountains at the elevation above 12,000 feet (3,658 meters). They mostly have an occupation of guiding tourists to climb to a higher altitude. In addition, they also teach them about the culture and the tradition of their land.

2. Deforestation is an urgent issue
As a Nepal facts for kids, the nature of Nepal is drastically changing. Most of the people reply on trees for all their daily needs, be it cooking or heating. Maximum numbers of trees were cut due to household or construction work, which ultimately led to deforestation. This is another reason why there is a landslide in most of the rural areas, when trees are ripped off the land, the ground becomes hollow and erodes easily. This resulted in the degradation of land in Nepal, the affect was largely seen in agriculture and plantation.

3. Endangered Wildlife
Nepal has a rich wildlife reserve; the country is well known to have Bengal tiger, the snow leopard, the Asian one-horned rhinoceros, and the Ganges freshwater dolphin. However, due to deforestation, the animals are on the verge of extinction. The wildlife of Nepal can be said as one of the major reasons for attracting tourists into the country. Recently Nepal is taking measures to take care of the endangered species.

4. Nepal ended its monarchy only a few years ago
The government of Nepal took a sharp turn when it ended the Monarchy in 2008, which is an interesting Nepal facts for kids. The king of Nepal Gyanendra who came to power in the year 2001 gave up his throne and the Nepal parliament chose its very first president Ram Baran Yadav soon after. After the end of monarchy, Nepal have seen drastic changes and invited tourism with open arms.

5. Colorful History for Buddhism and the British Colonization
The history of Nepal is very interesting and spiritually rich because the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama was born in 563 B.C. in Lumbini, which is close to the Indian borders. In 1800s, Nepal was known as one of the powerful countries in South Asia. However, at that time India was ruled by the British and they forced Nepal to sign treaties and took the land from Nepal in 1816.

6. Vertical Distributions of Plants in Mountains
The Himalaya has formed around 10-15 million years ago when India collided with Asian Continent, it pushed the land into the mountains. Because of this collision, Nepal has over ten highest mountain peaks in the world.

Nepal experiences a dramatic difference in the elevation and the effects can be found from the savannas along the Indian borders and to the subtropical broadleaf. The region goes all the way to the coniferous forest in the hill region and the slopes. However, the difference in elevation doesn’t keep away the trekkers to explore the mountains in the region.

These six Nepal facts for kids will help them understand the beauty of this country. Nepal might look small but have some of the interesting things to offer. It applies to all segments and it simply intrigues the interest of the child. Now that you are well aware of these Nepal facts, you can kiss the second thoughts goodbye and plan your trip to this beautiful country. This stunning location can be found in almost every traveler’s list. However, only solo travelers are not the ones that make Nepal be one of the best countries in Asia. It is equally exciting for family holidays too.

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