Mongolia Weather in November

November weather in Mongolia is pretty bad. In the daytime, the weather is freezing with the highest temperature only -2℃ (28.4℉). As temperature decreases at night, weather at night becomes frigid, the lowest temperature is reduced to -14℃ (6.8℉). There is fewer rainfall in November with only 5mm (0.2in) in 5 rain days in total. But Mongolia's snow reaches its highest level in the year, there is 26.9mm (1.06in) snowfall over 8 days.
The hottest cities in Mongolia in November:
Moron: 25℃(77℉); Dalanzadgad: -4℃(24.8℉)
The coolest cities in Mongolia in November:
Altay: -15.9℃(3.4℉); Uliastai: -12℃(10.4℉)

Averages for Mongolia Weather in November

High Temperature
-2°C (28.4°F)
Low Temperature
-14°C (6.8°F)
5 mm (0.2 in)
07:36 ~ 08:17
17:03 ~ 17:35

November Temperatures in Mongolia

What to Wear
Tourists should better keep warm when you want to go to Mongolia in November because the weather in Mongolia is pretty cold. It is recommended to wear heavy warm clothes during the daytime such as cotton clothes, overcoats, leather jackets, wool coats, winter hats, gloves, down jackets, etc. And it is better to put on more clothes at night if you feel cold in order not to catch cold even have a fever. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the snow scenes in grassland, it is suggested to take a pair of sunglasses with you, otherwise the vast expanse of white snow may hurt your eyes.
November Travel Guide – Where to Go & Tips
Tourism Rate:

Yolyn Am, also known as the eagle valley, is surrounded by steep rock walls.  It was originally famous for all kinds of birds and wild goats.  However, it is frozen all the year round, thus attracting many tourists. Glaciers here are almost permanent throughout the year, and winter scenery is even more spectacular. Walking between valleys and rivers, tourists can slow down and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Near the border between Mongolia and Russia, Khovsgol Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Mongolia. The lake water drains southward from the Erji River. And it is surrounded by rolling hills and dry grasslands. Khovsgol Lake’s winter is the most wonderful because the lake freezes overnight. When the lake is frozen, it will roar like a thunderous mountains collapsing and the earth cracking up. Those who can hear the sound with their own ears are considered to be the luckiest guys. After the lake was frozen, clouds of thick fog fell from the sky, merging the sky and the earth into a silvery white color.

November Weather of Major Mongolia Cities
Temperature Sunrise / Sunset Humidity
High Low
-1°C / 30.2°F -12°C / 10.4°F 07:25/ 17:32 64
-9°C / 15.8°F -19°C / -2.2°F 07:20/ 18:07 72
-8°C / 17.6°F -15°C / 5°F 07:56/ 18:38 79
-3°C / 26.6°F -25°C / -13°F 07:45/ 18:30 68
0°C / 32°F -17°C / 1.4°F 07:08/ 18:13 72
-3°C / 26.6°F -15°C / 5°F 07:23/ 18:22 73
-9°C / 15.8°F
-17°C / 1.4°F 07:41/ 18:34 75
-5°C / 23°F -22°C / -7.6°F 06:51/ 17:35 75
-1°C / 30.2°F -15°C / 5°F 06:58/ 16:36 72
0°C / 32°F   -17°C / 1.4°F 07:44/ 17:48 67
-5°C / 23°F
-19°C / -2.2°F
07:37/ 17:34