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Best Time to Visit Mongolia

When is the Best Time to Visit Mongolia?

The best time to travel to Mongolia is from Mid-June to August. Although it is the hottest time in Mongolia, the weather is pretty comfortable, tourist can live in the traditional Mongolian yurts. During this period, the grassland turns green, beef and mutton are very delicious, and the traditional Mongolian festival Naadam is also held at that time.

Best Months
Mid-June to August
Temperature: 10 - 25℃ (50 - 77℉)
Clothes to Wear: T-shirts, shorts, dresses, skirts, jackets, windbreakers and so on.
Best Season
Advantages: moderate temperature, beautiful grassland scenery, delicious traditional Mongolian food, Mongolian traditional festival.
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Peak Season & Slack Season

Peak Season: June to August

June to August have the most comfortable temperature in Mongolia, tourists can live in the traditional yurts at night. In addition, during this period, Mongolia has the most beautiful grassland scenery, the fattest cattle and sheep, and the mellow taste of mare's milk wine. Therefore, it is the best season for foreign tourists to travel to. However, due to the heavy passenger flow, you need to book your air tickets and hotels in advance.

Slack Season: October to next April

Due to the terrible weather, most of the yurts are closed and some hotels are closed, too. It is frigid in winter, the only thing you can do there is to enjoy the snowy landscape or skate there. Moreover, there may be some dust storms and it winds strongly during March and April.

Shoulder Season: May, September
Temperature gets warm in May, but there is no beautiful scenery on the grassland. The weather is not good enough in the two months, and the temperature at night is still very cold, some yurts may still be closed. If you want to experience the traditional yurts there, you have to take your chance. However, fewer tourists make the plane tickets are available, and the fare on transportation and accommodation are much cheaper.

Month Travel Season Temperature
-25 - -13 ℃ / -13 - 8.6 ℉
-22 - -8 ℃ / -7.6 - 17.6 ℉
-13 - 1 ℃ / 8.6 - 33.8 ℉
-4 - 11 ℃ / 24.8 - 51.8 ℉
4 - 19 ℃ / 39.2 - 66.2 ℉

10 - 23 ℃ / 50 - 73.4 ℉
12 - 25 ℃ / 53.6 - 77 ℉
10 - 23 ℃ / 50 - 73.4 ℉
4 - 17 ℃ / 39.2 - 62.6 ℉
-4 - 9 ℃ / 24.8 - 48.2 ℉
-14 - -2 ℃ / 6.8 - 28.4 ℉
-22 - -10 ℃ / -7.6 - 14 ℉
Best Time to Visit Ulanbator – Mid-June to August

Ulanbator is the capital and the largest city of Mongolia, it is the political and transportation center of Mongolia. Temples are one of the biggest attractions in Ulaanbaatar, and Gandan Temple is the most popular one. Mongolian National Classical Art Theater, Sukhbaatar Square, Zasang Monument, Mongolian National Stadium and Genghis Khan's Horse Riding Statue are also worth visiting in Ulaanbaatar. If you want to know the history, culture and art of Mongolia, you should visit the Mongolian National Museum, the Mongolian Natural History Museum, the Mongolian Drama Museum, and the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, etc.

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Best Time to Cruise Orkhon River – July to August
Orkhon River is the longest river in Mongolia, which was listed as a world heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2004. There are abundant fishes in the Orkhon River, including pike, carp, hucho taimen and catfish, which is a good place for fishing. In addition, there are two important historical sites along the river: the first capital of the Uighur Empire, and the capital of the Mongolian empire, KarAkorum, which are all precious treasures in human history. For tourists, the most attractive sight in Orkhon River is the waterfall with 10 meters high and 20 meters wide, which is the most famous scenic spot in the local area.
Best Time to Appreciate Gobi Desert – June to September
Located between the People's Republic of China and Mongolia, the Gobi Desert is the northernmost desert in the world and the second largest desert in Asia. In the Gobi desert, tourists can live in a traditional yurt to experience the life of local Mongolian. Riding a camel in the desert is also a worthwhile thing to do. In addition, you can explore the desert on foot in September. It is worth mentioning that the desert scenery at night is fascinating, but it is also very cold, so you must keep yourselves warm if you are going to stay at night.
Travel to Mongolia during Naadam
Every year from July 11 to 13 is the biggest festival in Mongolia, Naadam, which is also Mongolia's national day. Naadam means "entertainment" or "game" in Mongolian. The main games include wrestling, horse racing, archery, horse racing, Mongolian chess and other traditional national events.  Some places also have athletics, tug of war, basketball and other sports.