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The Trans-Mongolia route was completed in 1950, it is one part of the massive railway networks of Trans-Siberia trains. Among these destinations along the road, Mongolia plays an indispensable role to connect China in one end and Russian in another. The train journey is enjoyable and safe with an affordable price, it shows the beauty of four the seasons in the greatest extent, when the grassland is abundant and the ice is spectacle. The domestic train routes have stops to main cities which is convenient.
Mongolia Train FAQs
How long in advance to book ticket?
The tickets can be booked as early as possible with us, since the tickets departing from Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) can be issued two months in advance.
How do I get my ticket that I book with you?
We will deliver the tickets to your hotel in the departure city. For example, if you will take train from Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator), then the ticket will be at the hotel in Ulaanbaatar before your check in date. So does in Beijing and Moscow.
Trans-Siberian trains run on time?
The departure time is punctual, but everyone must allow the train being late for about two hours or even longer time, since the trains will take some time for the custom and immigration at the frontiers, and the situation varies. Please plan for this if you have some other connections.
Which seat class can I take?
For Mongolia domestic trains, only second class seat available, consisting of hard sleeper and hard seat.
For Trans-Siberia trains, first class and second class are available.
First Class has two type, 2-bunk Cabin and 4-bunl cabins.
Second Class is for cabins with 4-bunk.
Can I stop off on the way when I take the Trans-Siberia trains?
Yes. The trains will have some stopover along the way for about 5 to 20 minutes, and passengers can get off the train to breathe the fresh air, relax and stretch the body, take some photos or buy something from the small shop. Make sure how long the train will stop and plan for this short break in advance.
How can I change my date?
The trains may not be available daily, make sure there is a train on your preferred new date.
Before issuing: You can change the date before the ticket is issued.
After issuing: You need to contact the agency with whom you book the tickets to check the possibility and the change fee will occur.
What kind of currency will be used on the Trans-Siberia trains?
Along the whole train trip, you need some local currency to buy food on the train and some other items from the vendors on the platform. USD is acceptable at a lower exchange rate, and some vendors only accept local currency. It’s better to exchange some local currency in advance.
How do I pay?
If you book with us, we accept payment by Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, Wechat Pay and Alipay.
Is E-ticket available?
E ticket is available for some domestic trains, but not available for international trains. All tickets for international tickets are paper tickets.
Is domestic train punctual?
Yes, the train is running on time in most cases.
Can I hop on and hop off along the way?
No, this is not allowed. The train is fixed and the ticket is only for the departure & arrival destination on the specific date showing on the paper ticket. All tickets are sold with personal information and each passenger get his own bunk. If you want to visit other cities along the way, please buy tickets in different sections.
What’s up if I lose my ticket?
It will be a whole loss if you lose your ticket. You will have to buy a new ticket.
How long in advance do I need to show up at the train station?
Generally, you can arrive at Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) train station 30 minutes before the train departure time. But please allow some time for the traffic jam on the road.
What should I do if I couldn’t find my ticket in my hotel?
We will deliver the tickets to your hotel before your check in date without any problem. If you do not find the tickets, please do not worry, it must be something wrong with the hotel handover. Then contact us immediately and we will solve this for you.
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Mongolia Train Reviews

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  • Carina from USA Posted on April 12, 2020
    We enjoyed the train travel from Ulaanbatar to Moscow, but we still regretted not having a stop at Irkusk to enjoy a full view of Lake Baikal. This was the longest train journey we’ve ever took but the views along the road was really nice.
    5/ 5
  • Cornell from Brazil Posted on May 02, 2020
    Agatetravel is really reliable to arrange the international train ticket, every step was carried out just like they told me in the email. Great Service!
    5/ 5
  • Alexander from USA Posted on May 27, 2020
    My train trip from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing was really nice. I bought my tickets from Agatetravel and my ticket was waiting for me when I checked in at my hotel. The procedure for boarding is really simple, platform is next to main building. I boarded on the train sooner after the attendant checked my ticket.
    5/ 5