Boasting as one of the most extensive rail networks, Russian Railways cover almost every city and town, providing connections with its neighboring countries like Mongolia, China or Finland. The most popular Trans-Siberian Railway will also give you a chance to view diverse cities and marvelous landscapes along the way. The top-notch service and modern amenities on the train will definitely make your trip unforgettable.
Train Travel in Russia

How to Plan Your Russian Train Trip?

Best Time to Visit: May - September
Language: Russian
Visa: Visitors need a valid tourist visa to enter Russia.
Top Destinations: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kasan, Sochi, Golden Ring.
Major Train Stations: Moscow Yaroslavlsky Station; Moscow Leningradsky Station; Moscow Belorussky Station; Moscow Kazansky Station; St. Petersburg Moskovsky Station.
Currency: Russian Ruble is the official currency and can be easily withdrawn from ATMs with the credit cards. Credit cards are also accepted almost everywhere.
Russian Train FAQs
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Russia Tour Reviews

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  • M Bond from USA Posted on January 24, 2020
    The rail networks in Russia was extensive and convenient. You may get to every city by train. However, a lot of Russians can’t speak English including the salesclerk or train staff. Thus, learning some Russian words or phrases before your trip seems necessary.
    4/ 5
  • Sarah Andrews from Finland Posted on January 03, 2020
    The trip on the Lev Tolstoy train from St. Petersburg to Helsinki was comfortable and all facilities onboard were modern. If you hold a ticket on the Allegro or Lev Tolstoy train, you can take the electric train at the Helsinki central station to the airport for free, which was quite convenient.
    5/ 5
  • Anna Woodford from Norway Posted on October 12, 2019
    I purchased a ticket from Moscow to Vladimir and the agency gave me an electronic confirmation which was very easy to take the train. No need to exchange the physical ticket and just show the passport. The high speed train was really fast and punctual, and the attendents were always nice.
    5/ 5