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Things to Know before Mogolia Train Travel

Food on Mongolia Train Travel visa Trans-Siberia Trains

For Mongolia train travel from China to Moscow, the train K3 will go through three countries, China, Mongolia and Russia. Two meals will be served within China, they are free of charge. The train attendant will give each passenger two small meal thickets in old style, yellow ticket is for lunch while the pink one is for dinner. Passengers can take a seat to enjoy it at the dining car. But you will have to pack the meals and eat at your cabin if you are late, since the tables are limited. 

There is no free meal offered on the train once outside China, the paid food will be prepared at the dining car, passengers can go there to choose, and they can also get off the train at big stations to buy some provisions from the small shops or the vendors on the platform. 

During the Mongolia train travel. the meals are provided into three styles, Chinese food if the train is running in China, Mongolian food in Mongolia, and Russian style in Russia. Do not expect all available on menu, only some main dishes are available, beers are sold on the train with a reasonable price. 

People in Ulaanbaatar Train Station
People in Ulaanbaatar Train Station
The boiling water is available free of charge for the whole trip on Trans-Siberia trains, do take your coffee, mug and spoons, or even some instant soup with you. 

There is no dinning car on domestic trains, please prepare your own provisions. 

Luggage Allowance

Each adult passenger is entitled to have 35kg hand baggage for free and child is up to 15kg for these who is no more than 12 years old. 
Dangerous and hazardous items are prohibited to be taken onto the train. 

Electricity Charging & Internet on Mongolia Train Travel

For the electricity charger, it is varies on different trains, but almost all trains have sockets for shavers in the corridor and washrooms. The most of the plugs are 48V with the European standard socket, but some are 220V. If possible, an adaptor and one or two portable source is recommended. Passengers may borrow the adaptor from the train attendant with a small tip but maybe only one or two is available.  

There is no Wifi on the train, you can contact your mobile signal supplier to open the global communication service, but the price can be very high. If your phone allows, the best way is to buy local SIM card in different countries you are passing by, the VPN signal is good in China, and it is OK in Mongolia and Russian at the area where there are people live. 

Smoking Area 

All the cabins are non-smoking, so do the corridors and restaurants. For smokers, they can grab a smoke in the connection area of two carriages or enjoy a free time at the platform when the train have a stopover there.

Toilets and Showers on Trans-Siberia Trains

There is no real shower on the train actually. 

On the train K3/K4 running between Beijing to Moscow, two 1/2 first class cabins share one toilet, there is a small shower in the washroom but the water pressure is really weak and sometimes cold. 

In the 1/4 first class cabins and 1/4 second class cabins, bathrooms are located at the end of each carriage, toilet and a hand sink is inside. Passenger need to make good use of the sink and the hot water on the train, it’s not easy for passengers especially for passengers who will take the whole trip, but everyone needs to overcome this. It is on the train after all. 

Safety Facilities on Trains

The fire extinguishers, security hammers and other necessities are equipped in every carriage, and the safety officer will make sure all these facilities are in good order.