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How to Read a Mongolia Train Ticket

Once getting your train tickets, the first thing you need to do is to check the information on your tickets to make sure you got correct one. Therefore, it is important to know how to read Mongolia train tickets. No matter for international trains to China and Russia or domestic trains within Mongolia, all information you need to know about taking the train are listed clearly on tickets. Generally speaking, there are 3 types of tickets: international train ticket, paper ticket of domestic routes and e-ticket of domestic routes. 

International Train Tickets

For international train routes to China and Russia, there are only paper tickets. Paper ticket form is in same design. Both Mongolian and English is written on the paper tickets so the tickets are easy to understand.

Ulaanbaatar-Beijing Train Ticket

• Category of Ticket

On the top-right corner, there is number of passenger and category of ticket listed. For example, 1 adult passenger will be "01 Том хүн/01 ADULT".

• Passenger Information

Passengers' passport number, names and nationality is printed on the top-right corner of the main chat, divided into 3 parts by slash. Passport number shows in the front and then the names. Given names will be abbreviated to its first letter, surname will be fully spelled after it. Finally, an 8 digitals plus 3 letters country code will be listed according to the ticket holders' nationality.

• Train Information

In the main chat, train route, train number and carriage/bed information are printed very clearly. In sequence from left to right, they are departure date, departure time by local time, departure city and arrival city, arrival date, arrival time, also by local time and class. 

On international trains, there are 3 types of class: 1/2, 1/4 and 2/4. 1/2 means Deluxe Soft Sleeper cabin which is shared by each 2 passengers. 1/4 refers to Soft Sleeper cabin which is shared by each 4 passengers. 2/4 indicates Hard Sleeper cabin, it is also a cabin shared by each 4 passengers, not a big difference with Soft Sleeper cabin.

On the third row, train number, wagon number and room/berth number will be listed.

• Ticket Number

This 14 digitals ticket number is located on the lower left corner of the ticket. Each of them is a unique number.

• Other Information

Right under the wagon information, there is a smaller blank with Mongolian words and 4 digitals. They are the information of train station ticket seller, and under it, is the time of ticket issuing. At the lower right corner, it is the ticket price in Swiss Frank.

Domestic Train Tickets

• Paper Tickets

Mongolia Domestic Train Ticket

Most information on paper ticket were written in both Mongolian and English. It is not very hard for international travelers to read.

• Ticket Number

It is located on the top of the ticket. It consists totally 14 numbers with a dash after the second number. Each ticket has its own ticket number.

Departure and Arrival Station
Under ticket number, departure and arrival station names were listed in both languages. Departure Station is written on left side and arrival station is written on right side.

• Departure/Arrival Date and Time

These are the most obvious information on ticket. Departure date and time is on left side, arrival date and time is on right side. The date is in form of yyyy-mm-dd and time is local time of Ulaanbaatar in 24-hour clock. Between the date and time, there is also a Mongolian words in a parentheses indicates the day of week. Да means Monday, Мя refers to Tuesday, Лх is Wednesday, Пү represents Thursday, Ба indicates Friday, Бя equals to Saturday and Жо is Sunday.

• Train Number

This information is right under the departure/arrival time. Usually train number for domestic trains consists 3 digitals. Departure and arrival stations follows it again in both languages.

• Carriage Number and Seat/Berth Number

This information is located in the middle of the ticket. In the blank on left side, wagon number is in digital form and followed by the class. There are 3 types of class for domestic routes: Тасалгаат refers to Second Class which is the best class. There will be 2 upper and 2 lower beds in each cabin with a cabin door. Унтлагын means Hard Sleeper, beds were set up in open area. Нийтийн is Hard Seat. For example, “1 Тасалгаат” on ticket means No. 1 second class carriage. Detailed seat or berth number is listed in the blank on right side.

• Passengers' Certificate Number and Name

On lower half of the ticket, a QR code is on the right side including all the ticket information. On the left side, passenger information is listed. Passengers' surname was listed in first line, and then the given names. Certificate Number shows on the third line, if you hold a passport for travel, passport number will be listed here. The forth line indicate the category of ticket: Том хүн refers to adult ticket and Хүүхэд means child ticket. Besides the passenger information, the time when ticket was issued is also listed below.

• Price

At the bottom of the ticket, it is the part of ticket fare. Total cost is listed in first line, ticket price is listed for second line and bed sheets fee is at the third. All fees is in Mongolian Tugrik (MNT).


Mongolia Train E Ticket

Passengers can print out e-ticket by themselves and it can be used for boarding directly. Although different in design, basic information is the same with paper ticket.

• Ticket Number and Order Number 

Ticket number is on the top of the ticket printed in red color formed by 14 digital numbers. On the right, next to it, online order number is listed. It is a number formed by 10 digitals in black. 

• Passenger Information

Below the ticket number, detailed passenger information including full names, Certificate Number (passport), birthday, number of passenger and trip year is listed.

• Train Information

This part is the highlight of ticket which comes to you at first sight. Departure and arrival date is listed in form of yyyy-mm-dd under calendar icon, departure/arrival time is listed under clock icon. Travel route is written in between in Mongolian word only. If you are not sure about the city name, please recheck it. Here are the Mongolian names of some main stations: УЛААНБААТАР(Ulaanbaatar), ЧОЙР(Choir), САЙНШАНД(Sainshand), ЗАМЫН-ҮҮД(Dzamyn-ude), Сүхбаатар(Suhe-bator), ДАРХАН(Darkhan), Зүүнхараа(Zuunkharaa).

Train number, type of class, coach number and seat/berth number is printed right under the travel route information.

• Price

The middle part of the ticket is ticket fare information. Total cost contains bed sheets costs, sleeper bed costs which are written on the left side, and ticket fare as well as service charge written on the right side. The total cost is listed on the second line on the right. All fees count in Mongolian Tugrik (MNT).