Why Vietnam Is the Perfect Homestay Destination

It’s a well-known fact that homestay in Vietnam is an experience in itself. It doesn’t just sound interesting but also unfolds some of the unique cultural practices that you can only witness in a household. Vietnam homestay is well regulated for tourists, and anyone who wishes to share the same roof with a native family. To bring the point home, here are five unexpected reasons you must try homestay in Vietnam for a memorable experience.

1. Best Way to Get an Insight into the Local Culture

Staying with a Vietnamese family can open many interesting doors that you might not be able to unlock elsewhere. With them, you will be able to experience a very close culture and tradition of a regular Vietnamese family, their daily activities, their food preferences, their language, etc. As a host, they are very aware of what their guest needs, they arrange cultural activities, herbal bath, and house programs to keep you entertained and aware of the evolving culture and traditions of Vietnam.

Some cultural activities are not just entertaining for the tourist but homeowners equally enjoy the performances. The ethnic groups in the region are always very proud of their culture and traditions and it’s often a matter of honor to show off their practices to the visitors.

Homestay in Hoi An
Homestay in Hoi An
Vietnam Festival
Join local cultural festival


2. You Will Rediscover Your Comfort Zone

This one made me skeptical at first, but once I gradually understood what it will be like in Vietnam homestay, all the second thoughts disappeared. The idea of sharing a roof with a bunch of people you don’t know can sound intimidating, but the exposure a homestay can give is more authentic and real than staying at a local hotel. To bring the best at the table, Vietnam offers one of the best homes stays as compared to other neighboring countries.

Rediscovering your comfort zone has a lot to do with eating what you normally wouldn’t order at a restaurant. Learning culinary dishes or listening to real-life stories that are far beyond reach in any hotel, this experience will teach you to relate to people of different ethnicity.

3. It Will Take You off the Beaten Tracks

Explore Exciting Off-the-beaten-track Place
Explore Exciting Off-the-beaten-track Place
If your goal is to discover the off the beaten tracks, then homestay offers a perfect set up. Most of the accommodations happen in the remote area that a tourist often wouldn’t plan on exploring. This gives an open platform for tourists to enjoy and experience a slice of life in a peaceful environment. You would love to be surrounded by greenery, or sleep under the open star-studded sky. It’s always better to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city, and business area anyway. It helps you explore the hidden beauty of the place.

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4. Unexpected Access to the Beautiful Landscape

The homestay is selected in a fashion that it mostly overlooks a beautiful landscape. Making sure that the tourist can get full access to the recreations they are fond of. There will be an available area to enjoy trekking, caving, exploring the waterfall, and most of the outdoor activities. There is a difference in making a journey to the trek location and waking up close to the off the beaten tracks. You get better access to the best of both worlds.

Another positive aspect of choosing Vietnam homestay is that it makes you financially secure from overspending in transportation costs.

5. Chance to Mingle with a Vietnamese Family

This doesn’t need much explanation, because if you are fond of exploring culture and traditions then homestay is the perfect offer for you. Vietnamese communities are optimistic people, interacting with them will help acquire an in-depth understanding of their daily lives, cultures, and traditions. It’s also the best option if you want to experience a closeness of a family in a foreign country.

Tourists often worry about the language barrier. Well, the answer to that thought is that Vietnamese hosts often speak Basic English. The houses sorted for homestay are selected based on their understanding of diversity and language. Hosts are often given basic English training to make it easier for them.

These reasons will help you understand the Vietnam homestay mechanism better. You won’t be treated as a guest but as an extended family member. Apart from all the odds, taking up homestay can prove out to be one of the best decisions you can make. To understand the concept behind this arrangement, take a look at an overview of home stay right here.

Beautiful Landscape
Appreciate Beautiful Landscape
Vietnamese Family
Mingle with a Vietnamese Family

Overview and Motive of Homestay

Vietnam homestay is not just done as a recreation. It’s a pretty thought after step to make a positive change in society and promote community development. Typically, homestay is not just arranged by NGOs but also by some families. Families from rural areas take an active part in this program because the organizers offer financial help and other facilities. However, it’s not done abruptly, the host is supposed to be licensed to be eligible to cater to the foreign guests.

These host families must meet some criteria before opening for business. Basic facilities, like western toilets, access to internet and language skills. These small yet basic requirements are necessary to be met for a homestay. Apart from these basic facilities, hosts also prepare a guided activity list that includes trekking, culinary classes, cultural performances, etc. Their role is not limited to providing shelter, some even help in organizing transport and hiring a motorcycle for a local tour of the area.

This is how interesting it gets, Vietnam homestay can be one of the interesting decisions you can take. It adds an extra edge to adventure and exploring Vietnamese culture and traditions.

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