Colombo Weather

With tropical monsoon climate, Colombo features the hot and humid weather all year around with the large average rainfall of 2300mm (90.5in). The annual average temperature is about 27℃(80.6℉). As a coastal city, its highest temperature is only around 30℃(86℉) and lowest temperature is about 20℃(68℉).
7-Day Colombo Weather Forecast
Averages for Colombo Weather
High/Low Temperatures of Colombo
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for Colombo
Average Temperatures of Colombo
Average Temperatures Graph for Colombo
Humidity Graph of Colombo
Average Humidity Graph for Colombo
Average Rainfall of Colombo
Average Rainfall Graph for Colombo
Colombo Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

The weather of Colombo can be divided into two seasons of wet and dry. The rainy season starts from May to August and November to February due to the influence of southwest and northeast monsoon; September to October and March to April are the dry season with relatively low humidity, less rainfall and the clam sea. Generally, Colombo is a year-round destination, and you must do a great sunscreen work to protect your skin.

Rainy Season (May – August; November – February)

It is the wettest time of the year with the short and heavy showers but most of the days are still sunny. It is not a bad time to travel to Colombo because you can take advantage of lower price of accommodation, flights, especially the few tourists. And the grand national festival, Diwali, is held in November, lot of foreigners gather around here to experience this exotic festival. Besides, many Europeans like spending Christmas in December.

Dry Season (September – October; March – April)
It is the tourist peak season during this time. People can enjoy the scenic natural beauty and beautiful beaches. The weather is pleasant enough for many outdoor activities and sightseeing, such as visiting Independence Square, playing on the Galle Face Green.

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