Chandigarh Weather

Chandigarh weather is generally warm and mild throughout the year. Chandigarh is known as “Beautiful City” planned by French architect located at the foothills of Shivalik and it is best known for modern architecture and urban planning. Chandigarh temperature goes up to 33.2℃ (91.8) in a year making the hottest of the season and drops by 13.5℃ (56.3) to be the coldest and pleasant season in the entire year.

Chandigarh weather splits into three seasons, i.e., summer, monsoon, and winter. On average, Chandigarh receives 1,110.7 mm in the whole year. June is considered as the hottest month with scorching heat rises up to 33℃ (91.8). January is always the coldest month of the year. And during this time, the temperature has dropped to 6.1℃ (43). Chandigarh climate is pleasant, and from October to March, this city attracts lots of tourists from across the world.

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Chandigarh Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

Winter (November to Mid-March)

Chandigarh weather is cold from November till mid of March, and the temperature ranges between 6℃ to 28℃ (42.8 to 82.4). Foggy weather affects visibility during the winter season, and thick white fog stays for a long time during the day. Jackets, shrugs, winter caps, warm coats, sweaters, woollen are the best clothes to wear in Chandigarh during winter. One can visit places like Sukhna Lake (4.5/5 star), Dhanas Lake (4.2/5 star), New Lake, Sector 42 (4.2/5 star), Brahma Sarovar (4.2/5 star), Sannihit Lake (4/5 star), Karna Lake (4.2/5 star), cycling around the city, and Chhatbir zoo (4.4/5 star).

Tip: Dark grey clouds and fog spread the spine chilling winters in Chandigarh, which causes delays in the flights and other public transportations.

Summer (Later March to June)
Weather in Chandigarh is pretty warm during later March and April. But in May and June, climate turn out to be ugly sweaty. Temperature inclines up to 40℃ (104) during day and drops by 14℃ (57.8) at night. Though sudden thunderstorms and rain are like a super surprising and provides relief from the scorching heat. For the chill in summers of Chandigarh, one can have sunscreens and sunglasses. Light cotton shirts, trousers, kurtis, and 3/4th pants are the best clothes to wear in Chandigarh in summer. Fun water parks, hill stations like Morni Hills (4/5 star), Chandigarh Architecture Museum (4.4/5 star), Lounge bars and pubs are recommended places to visit.

Tip: Keep yourself hydrated though one can find regular stalls selling sugarcane juice. Sunstroke is the most common illness during the summer.

Monsoon Season (July to October)
Monsoon in Chandigarh weather is neither extremely hot nor cold. One can expect an average 810 mm rainfall during this season with temperature ranging between 17℃ and 34℃ (62.6 to 93.2). One can expect a very moderate rain, but the unexpected and sudden shower can lash out the city. Loose tops, synthetic clothes that are easy to dry are clothes to wear in Chandigarh for men and women. These are best paired up with accessories like sunglasses, hats and umbrellas to carry during this season.

Some of the recommended places are Rock Garden (4.5/5 star), Parwanoo (4/5 star), and Burail Fort (4.1/5 star).

Tip: Carry sickness pills while travelling and try to stay healthy during monsoon.