Best Time to Visit Cambodia

When is the best time to visit Cambodia?
The best time to travel to Cambodia is from November to February of the following year, because during the period, the temperature is at low level of the year, and the little rainfall makes the trip more convenient.

Best Months
November - February
Temperature: 25 - 29℃ (77 - 84.2℉)
Clothes to Wear: T-shirt, long dress, jeans, jacket, windbreaker.
Best Season
Dry Season
Advantages: moderate temperature, little rainfall, great to travel everywhere in the country.
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Peak Season & Slack Season

Peak Season: November to February

It enjoys the most adorable weather in Cambodia during this period, because it has the most moderate temperature and little rainfall. If you want to go there at Christmas and the New Year, you need to book the air tickets and hotels in advance. Of course, the expenses in peak season will also be relatively expensive. 

Slack Season: May to October

It is the wet season from May to October and the climate is very humid and sultry, with heavy rainfall. Therefore, there are less tourists during this period. The biggest advantage during the slack season is that there are fewer people. You can enjoy yourselves in Cambodia without being disturbed. Besides, there will be a big discount on air tickets and hotel accommodation will be much cheaper.

Shoulder Season: March and April
March and April belong to the wet season, although it hardly rains during this period, the temperature is going higher and higher, which makes the travel experience not very good.
Month Travel Season Temperature
21 - 32℃ (69.8-89.6℉)
22 - 33℃ (71.6-91.4℉)
25 - 35℃ (77-95℉)
22 - 36℃ (77-96.8℉)
25 - 35℃ (77-95℉)
25- 34℃ (77-93.2℉)
25- 33℃ (77-91.4℉)
25- 32℃ (77-89.6℉)
24 - 32℃ (75.2-89.6℉)
23 - 31℃ (73.4-87.8℉)
24 - 31℃ (73.4-87.8℉)
21- 31℃ (69.8-87.8℉)
Best Time to Appreciate Angkor Wat - November to next March
Angkor Wat is the most famous scenic spot in Cambodia. During this period, the weather is extremely good with pleasant temperature and low precipitation, which is good for people to travel to temple. Known as Cambodia's national treasure, it is the world's largest temple and also the world's earliest Khmer architecture. Dry season do is the best time to visit Angkor Wat, but there are also many people during the period, which may makes you feel not good enough. Travel expenses like air tickets and accommodation also need to be taken into consideration. If you want to avoid the crowded people, wet season is also a good choice. You can see a beautiful scenery different from the peak season. See also What to See inside Angkor Wat & How to Visit Angkor Wat
Travel to Cambodia during Bon Om Touk

Bon Om Touk, Cambodia's most important traditional festival, is usually held from October to November each year. It marks the end of the wet season and the arrival of the fishing season. During the festival, lights decorated around Royal Palace of Phnom Penh and along the Mekong River. The dragon boat race held on the Mekong River in front of the Palace square is the liveliest celebration of Bon Om Touk. Boating experts from all over the country compete in this competition.

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