Phnom Penh Weather

Phnompenh has a tropical monsoon climate. Influenced by the high pressure in Gulf of Thailand and Indian Ocean, the weather is very humid. It can be divided into two seasons. The wet season is from May to October, both temperature and humidity are very high, and the temperature can reach up to 38- 39℃ (100.4-102.2℉) in the hottest days. The dry season is from November to April of the following year. The temperature is about 22℃ (71.6℉), it is pretty comfortable during the day. The annual average temperature is between 28-34℃ (82.4-93.2℉). The best tourist season is from November to the next January.
7-Day Phnompenh Weather Forecast
Averages for Phnompenh Weather
High/Low Temperatures of Phnompenh
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for Phnompenh
Average Temperatures of Phnompenh
Average Temperatures Graph for Phnompenh
Humidity Graph of Phnompenh
Average Humidity Graph for Phnompenh
Average Rainfall of Phnompenh
Average Rainfall Graph for Phnompenh
Phnompenh Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

There are only two seasons in Phnom Penh – dry season and wet season. The dry season is from November to the next April, with high temperature and low humidity. It seldom rains during this period. May to October are the wet season, the climate is mild and rainy. The Rain in Phnom Penh does not last a whole day, it is usually shower, which comes quickly and goes quickly. The coldest months are December and January, and the hottest month are April and May.

Dry Season (November – April)

It is more suitable to visit Phnom Penh during this period. The climate is high and dry. It is recommended to wear cool summer clothes made of cotton such as T-shirts, shorts, skirts and colorful dresses in the daytime. At night, the weather become cooler, so thin overcoat and trousers are needed to be put on. In addition, people should take sunscreen, sunglasses, sunhat and sun-protective clothes to avoid yourself from sunburn.

Wet Season (May – October)
The weather is mild and rainy. Large rainfall bring great inconvenience for tourists to travel here. But there are less people in every scenic spots and the air ticket and accommodation expenses are much cheaper. When traveling here in the wet season, the first things you need to prepare is an umbrella or a raincoat. During the day, you can wear a blouse with a pair of shorts or a dress. Long sleeve shirt and light pants are also necessary to keep warm at night or in buses and restaurants.

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