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What to See inside Angkor Wat?

As a UNESCO world heritage site, Angkor Wat appeals to the tourists who get bewildered at the magnificent structures and their architectural excellence. Here are some of the must-visit places inside the Angkor Wat that will make your visit to Cambodia complete and memorable. Without paying a visit to these places, your trip will be incomplete.

1. Elephant Terrace

Elephant terrace is one of the most remarkable places inside Angkor Wat. It boasts a wide-open terrace of 1000 feet. According to the chronicles, the erstwhile rules who erected the majestic structure of Angkor Wat used to observe royal ceremonies and public ceremonies from this platform which allowed then an uninterrupted view.

You will also find many statues of lions adorning the path that leads to the main dais. Paying a visit here would be a memorable experience, and you will surely carry some priceless captures to keep the memories alive forever.

Elephant Terrace
Elephant Terrace

Quick Facts:

•  What to see: The sprawling area from the top of the main platform
•  Special Tips: Avoid visiting the place in the midday and pay a visit early morning or at dusk when the crowd subsides.

2. East Mebon

There was a time when the Angkor rulers had a real firm holds over this region, and they erected several temples and structures to proclaim their supremacy. East Mebon is another example of this display of power and architecture. Built in the 10th century, East Mebon is a beautiful temple inside Angkor Wat that got carved out of stones. Apart from the artistic stone carvings, this temple is also famous for its central tower boasting some of the best intricate stone works of that time.

East Mebon, Angkor Wat
East Mebon, Angkor Wat

Quick Facts:

•  What to see: The outstanding stone worked all around the temple walls and it island-like location in the middle of the wetland
•  Special Tips: Keep enough time in hand to explore all the towers and the central tower specifically

3. Preah Khan

The places inside Angkor Wat sometimes surpass the main temple in terms of historical evidence and legends associated with them. One such site inside Angkor Wat is the Preah Khan. Historians believe this was once a Buddhist university where more than a thousand teachers preached and it might also have served as a battleground in the later centuries.

Preah Khan
Preah Khan, Angkor Wat

Quick Facts:

•  What to see: The ruins of the place and the exotic beauty that speaks volume of its past glory
•  Special Tips: Do thorough research before you pay a visit to relate every stone to its being

4. Pre Rup

It is a Hindu temple inside Angkor Wat. Erected by King Rajendravarman ll, this temple stands as an example of the best Angkor architectures. Places 2000 feet in the south of the East Baray, Pre Rup is the place that served the Rajendravarman ll dynasty as the central city. Though significant remains of the erstwhile kingdom cease to exist today defying the wrath of time, the view from the top of the structure is still breathtaking.

Pre Rup in Angkor Wat
Pre Rup in Angkor Wat

Quick Facts:

•  What to see: The splendid structure and the history associated with it
•  Special Tips: You might have to climb steep stairs to reach the top. Hence, carry water and energy bars.  

5. Terrace of the Leper King

This is an unusual temple inside Angkor Wat that worships the God of the underworld. It was built in the 13th Century and architectural excellence still makes the beholders bewildered.

Terrace of the Leper King
Terrace of the Leper King

Quick Facts:

•  What to see: The southwest-northwest secret passageway
•  Special Tips: Visit this site in broad daylight to explore the secret passage

Cambodia is one of the best places to opt for when you are making a holiday plan abroad and make sure to include the laces inside Angkor Wat a part of your itinerary in Cambodia.

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