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Jaw Dropping Sand Dunes in Vietnam

The breathtaking sand dunes in Vietnam are a perfect place for adventure lovers. You will find no loopholes to complaint about once you sink your feet into the glittering warm sand of Vietnam. This is a less known fact about this country and not every tourist is well aware of these locations. But let’s give you a taste of Vietnam’s three sand dunes in Mui Ne that can be stated as hidden gems of this country. If you are worried about how to get to the sand dunes in Vietnam, check out the details below.

1. Explore the white sand dunes in Vietnam

There is no second thought about the beauty of the white sand dunes. They extend through the horizon and are vast and breathtaking than the other two sand dunes in Mui Ne. This incredible place is very close to the center of Mui Ne and the sight of sand dunes is worth every minute of the travel. To add to this white beauty, the sunrise at dawn gives a completely different picture and a legitimate wake-up call to the people.

Tip: Bike rentals are available at this location, but it depends on what kind of budget you are on. It’s a little expensive, but you can always hit the dunes by foot and explore the place in a traditional style.

2. Red Sand Dunes

Red sand dunes are not necessarily red, but have an orangey-red hue in its texture. The slope is easy to walk on, and it’s a perfect place to witness the sunset. You will find the location in a 20-minute distance from the center of Mui Ne, and it’s the only place where you can find Vietnamese cone hat and sand dunes together. Witnessing the red sea is a complete wonder and will have its magical effect on you for days after your visit

The view and the experience of this place are worth every trouble you bare while traveling. Also, they have a complete arrangement for your hunger after you tire yourself playing in the sand. You will be able to find hot food on the spot, and there are a few other places to eat along the way between this and the next location. The small little stops in the journey are what make it memorable at the end.

Tip: Choose and decide your sunset and sunrise location wisely based on your itinerary and time.

3. The Fairy Stream

The name itself makes everything dreamy. This place can be safely stated as the photographer’s paradise. The magic of streams surrounded by unexpected impressive rocks will take your breath away. It’s hard to guess what this place will be like because it’s surely surprising to find streams in midst of the majestic rocky walls.

Now, as soon as you reach the fairy stream, open your shoes and get the feel of cold running water through your feet. This experience will be worth the wait, and also some of the other strange things which you will come across while walking through the fairy streams. Specifically, the restaurants and the ostrich farm where you can ride these huge birds. Sounds interesting, isn’t it!

Take your time to explore this stream and trek through the sandy rock mountains to get an exceptional view of the entire landscape.

Tip: Make sure you haggle when you are quoted the price for the Mui Ne sand dunes trip. Don’t overpay out of excitement.

A few other things that tourists are often confused about are the duration of their stay at Mui Ne and whether or not these incredible sand dunes worth the trouble. So here is an impartial answer to these second thoughts which can help you decide better about trip.

4. How long to stay at Mui Ne?

If you are on a tight schedule, but also want to explore the sand dunes in Vietnam, then consider staying not more than two nights. You will be able to cover all three places in this duration of time. Mui Ne has its attractions, especially, if you are planning to stay at the Mui Ne hills, they have an excellent rooftop pool for a relaxing evening and private night parties.

5. Are the sand dunes in Vietnam worth the visit?

It has a vibe and attraction of its own. As compared to other sand dunes you must have visited in the past, this might not match the beauty. But it also depends on what are you planning around, we suggest you don’t miss the sunset and the sunrise at these dunes for a fair experience. You might miss a photographic location on escaping the sand dunes.

6. How to get to Mui Ne?

If you are planning to visit Mui Ne especially to enjoy the sand dunes in Vietnam, then first you will have to get to Ho Chi Minh City. After that you can easily get any transport to take you to Mui Ne, bus, train, or even a private car can take you to the location. To give you a rough idea, Mui Ne is approximately five to six hours away from HCMC. So, whenever you are planning to go, keep the travel distance in mind and reach the location on time to catch the mesmerizing sunset and sunrise of this southern Vietnam’s beauty.

Now that you have the complete information about these sand dunes and transportation ways, make sure you don’t forget your camera to capture the beautiful moments you will make with your partner. One of the downsides of traveling to Vietnam can be time, but don’t let that stop you from exploring these incredible places that you might not get the second chance to visit. Plan the itinerary accordingly with all the incredible places in mind and you won’t ever fall short with time.

P.S- if you are visiting Vietnam for the first time, then you will love the hospitality of the natives and their cultural practices which are diverse across the country. Happy journey!

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