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5 Most Popular Restaurants in Aswan & Their Specialties

Your visit to Aswan will be incomplete if you do not try some of the famous restaurants of this place. There are quite a few inline and you are going to love each one of them. They have certain specialties and are all set to spoil a foodie with choices. The sumptuous food and mouth tickling flavors will leave a mark for sure. The food is not just the plus point in Aswan, but the panoramic view out from most restaurants will take your dining experience to the next level.

Here are five handpicked restaurants in Aswan that you should not miss.

1. Nubian Dream Restaurant & Cafe

If you want to taste the authentic Egyptian cuisine, then this restaurant is the best place to go. The restaurant is located in the Nubian Village and receives a number of tourists each day. The crowd expressed that they like visiting this café not just because the food is good, but also because the ride takes them through a boat ride, which is quite an adventure on its own.

Where: Elephantine Island near the ferry boat, Qism Aswan, Aswan Governorate 81111

2. AL-Dokka

This might be one of the most popular restaurants in Aswan and it is found in almost every tourist's bucket list. If you are looking for unmistakably good food, then you have the address of this restaurant’s address down below. You will enjoy the calming interior and brilliant view of the Nile River. Also, don’t leave without tasting a fresh brew of coffee here, it’s one of their specialties.

Where- Hessa Island, Kornish Al Nile, Qism Aswan, Aswan Governorate

3. Panorama Restaurant

This is another must-visit restaurant in Aswan and you will love the authentic Egyptian delicacies this restaurant has to offer. The restaurant is located on an island and you will have to take boat ride to get there, but trust us the journey will be totally worth it. You will relish the food and the exceptional view of the Nile from the 13th floor. This place is perfect for you to visit with friends and spouse.

Where: Corniche El Nil St | El Corniche, Aswan

4. Makka Restaurant

If you are looking for a restaurant at a reasonable price, then you have the Makka Restaurant. The prices might be reasonable but they never reduce the quality of the food. The restaurant is close to the station and this is another reason why it receives more customer than other restaurants in the business. They have a similar menu as the others but the taste is, of course, different and bold. This is a perfect place to grab a quick bite at a reasonable price.

Where: 143 abdal el Tahrir St DOWNTOWN? Qism Aswan

5. 1902 Restaurant

If you want to get away from Egyptian food and try something different, then this place is perfect. They serve some delicious continental, French, European, and international cuisine at good marking. Along with good food, you will also enjoy an elegant setting and light music. If you have a dinner date or you are taking someone special for an evening meal, this place screams perfection.

Where: Abtal Al Tahrir, Sheyakhah Oula, Qism Aswan

Before you leave the city, visit these restaurants in Aswan and you will be satisfied with the food you eat. It is better than any street food or hopping around street stalls. Plus, you also get a good ambience and brilliant view.

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