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Aswan Botanical Gardens

The Aswan Botanical Garden measures 6.8 hectares, and it is home to thousands of birds and various native plants, including some species from Far East India and Africa, introduced from many parts of the world.

This place is perfect, stunning and an exclusive diversion from the city. You will love the surrounding and everything that it has to offer. This place represents the veritable jam of Egyptian riches. You will understand that when you take a walk through the garden and it will lead you to the dream state of the landscape. The island is filled with exotic plants and various species. They were planted there by Lord Horatio Kitchener.

Important Details

•  Location: Kitchener's Island, Aswan, Egypt
•  Hours: Oct-Apr 8:00am-5:00pm, May-Sep 8:00am-6:00pm
•  Entry  fee: 15 LE

Brief History

The Aswan Botanical Garden was the place for Nubians and they mostly used this place to settle down, and in the earlier days, the place was called Jet Narty. The history goes back to 1899 when Lord Horatio Kitchener used the island as a place to settle his campaign and name it the lord's residence. He was the captain of the Egyptian army and had a strong love for palm trees and plants, Kitchener turned his whole island into a beautiful botanical garden. A year later, the Egyptian government took it and named it as the Aswan Botanical Gardens.

Things You Should Know

The Botanical gardens are divided into 27 squares with vertical and horizontal paths that interconnect each other, and it is famous among tourists that the crossed path makes them appear like a chessboard. If you are thinking of exploring this island and all the things it has to offer, then it is going to be an unforgettable experience. In 1928, the Ministry of Irrigation transformed the Botanical Garden, and the gardens included trees from all five continents after that.

On the island, you will find a wide selection of plantations and flowers from all parts of the world. They are beautiful and mesmerizing to all the first time visitors and the natives alike. The flowers never lose their charm, this place has a great collection of flowers brought down from all the continents. You will also come across a variety of rare palm trees and other special plants easily.

Getting There

It is possible to enter Aswan Botanical Gardens in many distinct ways. For starters, they take the visit to the botanical garden as part of a' felucca' tour of the river, and that’s why many tourists like to visit the gardens. Most of these tours will stop at Kitchener Island, but there are many other tours that will take you ahead and it is wise to talk to the sailor before setting up for a ride. Another choice will be to use one of the popular river ferries. There are some alternatives as well; you can take a motorboat or a public mariner. Here is how you will be able to reach the destination easily.

• Estimated price for River Ferries - the Aswan Ferries operate in some selective parts of Aswan and the average ticket will cost around $27 or more depending on the time and distance of the journey.

• Estimated Price for Motorboats - the Motorboats can costs up to LE34 - LE70 (according to the return trip and not per person). The boatmen can create a fuss, so make sure you are settling the price beforehand.

Some tourists still have their doubts about the Kitchener’s Island, and hence they are unaware of Aswan Botanical Garden. However, now that you know what wonderful things await you, do not miss visiting this place. Considering everything this place has to offer, you will enjoy a great day around nature and unique plants. You will be surrounding with hundreds of tropical plants and scenic beauty worth capturing.

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