Do You Need Vaccinations for Cambodia Trip?

Cambodia is one of the most popular places in South East Asia when it comes to tourist destinations. People from across the world come to this region to explore and admire its divine beauty. The land offers its visitors splendor of the plains, adventure of the mountains, and mystery of the deltas. Cambodia is a tropical destination and has a climate strictly tropical in nature. Therefore, the place remains accessible throughout the year.

Though winters and early summers are considered the best time to pay a visit to Cambodia, you can settle your travel plans according to your holiday calendar as the country welcomes guests with the same warmth throughout the year. The best part is the minimum fluctuation in temperature.

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The seasons vary by name, but in terms of temperature records, the variation is negligible. The only thing that might bother you when traveling to the tropical region is the rain. Owing to the high concentration of humidity in the air, this place is also the breeding house of several diseases from which every traveler should stay safe by considering vaccination for Cambodia.

The best way to ensure safe travel to Cambodia would be to opt for the common vaccinations required in any tropical country. There are plenty of reasons and sources of diseases which makes vaccination a must for Cambodia trips. Here are some of the reasons which make vaccination a necessity before you set your journey for Cambodia.  

There exists some of the vaccination for Cambodia, which is also necessary for the other countries with a typical tropical climate.

Water-Borne Diseases

In tropical regions and specifically in areas where floods are regular in occurrence, water-borne diseases are common. Cambodia is situated at the Mekong delta and thus gets flooded every year. If you are visiting Cambodia next season, make sure that you have made yourself and your family immune to the water-borne diseases by choosing vaccination for Cambodia. Plenty of water sources get contaminated during floods and the monsoon in Cambodia.

Hence, getting the vaccination for Cambodia that would keep your body from catching any fatal water-borne disease would be a necessity for all planning a trip to Cambodia. Take a look at the quick facts related to waterborne disease vaccinations. Diseases like typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis A, polio are caused by several virus and bacteria which thrive in water. Therefore, taking vaccines to keep the body immune against all these possible diseases is a must.  

Quick facts

•    Vaccines: Polio, Hepatitis A, Typhoid
•    Recommended by: WHO
•    Nature of vaccination: Routine vaccination

Vector-Borne Diseases

Sometimes the diseases are caused by vectors that are not visible with naked eyes. Just because you do not see any threat looming nearby, it does not guarantee the non-existence of them. When you plan to visit a tropical country with hot and humid weather, the possibilities of being surrounded by such vectors increases considerably. The very climatic condition of the tropical regions helps these vectors thrive and infect the human body. Hence taking vaccination for Cambodia becomes important.  

Hence, make sure that you and your family are immune against all such diseases that might crop up owing to the presence of harmful vectors in the atmosphere. Some of the vector-borne diseases that might ruin your holiday and cause substantial long term damage to your health are measles, mumps, and rubella.

Generally, a combined vaccination for Cambodia is applied to the human body called MMR, for which a booster dose is also available. Make sure that the little ones in your family have already received the same, and the elder ones have got the booster doses done.

Quick facts

•    Vaccines: Measles, Mumps, Rubella
•    Recommended by: WHO
•    Nature of vaccination: Routine vaccination

Injury and Animal Bite Protection

Cut and injuries are common while travelling. Ignoring a simple scratch might sometimes cause a deadly wound in the long run. Your travel plan should be free from any such hazards. While travelling if you have to deal with such unforeseen and undesirable events leading to medical emergencies, half of the fun will be gone. Hence, make sure that every one of your family, including you, have the necessary vaccination for Cambodia to keep your body immune against any possible cuts and injuries.

The following are some of the vaccination for Cambodia that keep the body immune against any scratches or deep injuries. Animal bites can be another source of injury that can turn out to be fatal in the long run. Some animal bites also instill the roots of permanent diseases in the human body. Hence, keeping the body safe during your trip is essential and vaccination for Cambodia is thus a primary requisite.

Quick facts

•    Vaccines: Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis (TDAP)
•    Recommended by: WHO
•    Nature of vaccination: Routine vaccination

Mosquito Diseases

A mosquito bite is one of the primary sources of getting infected by diseases like malaria, dengue, meningitis, etc. like every other tropical country, Cambodia, too, is a breeding ground of mosquitoes and several people die out of these diseases every year. While planning a trip to Cambodia, you must check the list of vaccines for Cambodia and ensure that vaccines of Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis are there.

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Quick facts

•    Vaccines: Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis
•    Recommended by: WHO
•    Nature of vaccination: Routine vaccination

Travelling should always make you happy. To ensure the same, you must take ample care to keep the family members and yourself out of the danger of catching any disease. Hence, make sure that you have considered the list of vaccines for Cambodia carefully and have acted accordingly.

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