Tipping in Cambodia: Your Guide to Tipping Etiquette

Are you planning to visit Cambodia in the coming holidays? If yes, then you should know about how they go about Tipping in Cambodia. Whenever you visit a country, it is always helpful to make yourself familiar with the tipping etiquette and currency. Well, we are not saying Cambodia is a tipping country. But gratuities go a long way because of the low wages of the workers here.

The currency used in Cambodian is called Riel. From small to huge, Riel notes come in all values. The highest value is 100,000, and the lowest is 50. The cost of the most commonly used Riel note is 500. There are other notes of values 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10,000, and 50,000. It’s not that US Dollars are not used for Tipping in Cambodia, but it is always wiser to exchange your currency for Riel when arriving in Cambodia. Well, there is quite a difference in the currency value as one US dollar equals around 4,000 Riels.

The Biggest Question Is - Whether to Tip or Not to Tip?

Every person, who travels to Cambodia or any country for that matter, wants to know about tipping etiquettes of that place. Tipping in Cambodia is not something that is expected, but it is something that is pretty much appreciated. There are no rules governing tipping in Cambodia. Those who visit the “Kingdom of Wonder” may choose no tip. It’s completely their wish. But, here comes tipping etiquette. Considering the average salaries are quite low in Cambodia, a small tip can mean a lot for someone.

Let’s Find out How One Should Go about Tipping in Cambodia!

★ Restaurants: around 10%

There is no set amount of tip needs to be left in restaurants. However, when it comes tipping in Cambodia restaurant is one place where you would like to leave a gratuity for waitresses and waiters. They will always be grateful for a tip. The tipping amount depends on your bill; it is usually 10% of the total bill on average. But you can always leave more if you feel that you have received excellent service.

On the other hand, if you don’t like service at all, then you may choose to walk away without leaving anything. Well, if that happens then it would be a quite unusual and rare occurrence in a Cambodian restaurant. Because the service staff is pretty good and look after their customers as well as one can.

Cambodian restaurant
Cambodian Restaurant

Hotels in Cambodia
Hotels Service

★ Hotels: Tip $1

If you are a tourist, the first thing you would do is booking a hotel to stay in. Hotels generally have a lot of workers that means a lot of tipping. Let’s start with the tip of $1 per bag that you may give to the bellman followed the $1 a day that you will give the maid.

You don’t need to pay any tip to any of the other hotel staff. Having said that, you must bear in mind that workers in Cambodia do not make a lot of money; hence they rely on gratuities a lot. For you, giving away a tip of one US dollar may be nothing, but it will make the worker’s day as it equals more than 50 percent a typical worker’s daily income.

Tipping in Cambodia may even cost you less than one dollar. So, you can always leave some Riels for the cleaner or lobby staff. They will greatly appreciate whatever you may give them as their wages are even lower than other staff.

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★ Drivers: No need to Tip

A driver is among the first people who you may thing of Tipping in Cambodia. Tips are not expected for motor drivers and tuk-tuk rides. The fun part is that you may already be drastically over-charged as a foreigner.

Though, if you feel your taxi driver is extra friendly with you or goes out of the way to help you, you may like to leave them a few dollars. But it is always better to let them keep the change.

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★ Tours Guides: Tip around 10%

Cambodia is a place with so many attractions. You would need a tour guide to take you through all these places. Leaving around 10% for your tour guide will be a good tipping etiquette. These are the people who will be there with you throughout your tour. They will give you the local and cultural knowledge. These people will help you communicate in the country as you will need a translator if you don’t understand the local language. Your trip cannot be successful without your tour guide. Showing some gratitude here will do no harm.

Again, Tipping in Cambodia is not compulsory. It’s on you what you want to pay. Don’t ever feel tip for poor service. But, this may not happen as Cambodians’ sense of humor and harm will make your trip enjoyable.

Tour Guide in Prasat Kravan
Tour Guide in Prasat Kravan

Cambodian Spa
Comfortable Spa

★ Your Hairdresser: Tip 0 to 2%

Tipping your hairdresser in Cambodia completely depends on your discretion. Hence, one should not feel obligated to do so. But if you like the haircut and feel the hairdresser has done a great job, then feel free to tip your hairdresser. Even $1-2 will make their day.

★ Spas in Cambodia: Tip 5 to 20%

Tipping in Cambodia is a great way to show your appreciation, but you should never feel obligated. If you are pleased with your spa services, then you can always tip your therapists depending on the service that you have taken.

So, we hope now you get the hang of tipping in Cambodia, which will be a great help to your trip to Cambodia.

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