Russian Market – A Heaven for All Shopaholics

One of the most visited and popular shopping destinations in Cambodia is the Russian Market. It offers a wide array of products from souvenirs to vegetables to the tourists. Also, the name itself has an attraction as it was derived from an event of historical importance. During the cold war, this market got filled with Russian products which made this market to be called the Russian market.

If you are visiting Cambodia, make sure that your places to visit list has the name of the Russian Market in it. Without paying a visit to this market, your visit to Cambodia will remain incomplete. Here is a brief of what you can do while roaming through the buzzing streets of the Russian Market.

Taste Khmer Coffee

Like Khmer people, the dominant taste of this region is also-sweet. If you are not as sweet-toothed as the Cambodians, make sure that you taste the Khmer coffee slowly as it might taste shockingly sweet at the very first sip. However, you must try one of the iced-coffee varieties sold at the coffee stall of Mr. Bounnareth’s to know the Khmer way of having coffee. It is one of the most popular place to have iced-coffee in Cambodia, and tourists come looking for this stall every day in the Russian Market.

•  How to identify the shop: Look for an animated man in a coffee stall, and it is M. Bounnareth’s stall. You can also ask the local shops to show you the stall.
•  What to taste: Taste the authentic Khmer iced-coffee here.

Buy Elephant Pants

Elephant pants sound quite crazy but are one of the most sold products in the Cambodian markets. If you are paying a visit to the Russian Market, you will find plenty of shelves full of this variety of garments. The reasons why these pants are so popular are that these are comfortable, easy to wear, casual to look, and affordable for the pockets.

•  Special tips: Try purchasing in bulk for additional discounts. These pants are good as gifts for friends.
•  Where to buy: Buy from the roadside stalls where the scope of bargaining is higher.

Taste the Fried Insects

Besides giving spine chills and adrenaline rushes to many, insects are also known for their nutrient-rich composition. If you are in Cambodia, do not forget to get a taste of the famous variety of snacking here. Khmer people love fried insects, as these provide them with ample nutrients. Ever since the regime of Khmer Rouge, these creepy crawlers have been serving the snacking platters of the local people with nutrition and taste.  Look for some tasty varieties in the Russian Market.

•  Varieties available: cricket, silkworm, etc.
•  Flavours available: Spicy, non-spicy, crunchy, juicy, chewy, etc.

Taste the Grilled Bananas

Bananas are found in abundance in tropical regions. Cambodia is a typical tropical place and therefore grows this fruit in plenty. If a food item becomes abundantly available in a region, people always put in efforts to make various cuisine and dishes using it. So is the case with bananas in Cambodia. The Khmer people love their bananas grilled. Surely the idea will be new to many of the visitors. Hence, make sure that you taste one from the roadside stalls of the Russian Market.

Buy Some Ceramic & Wood Works

The Russian Market is much-known for its wide variety and diversity in terms of the products sold here. You will find almost every knick-knack here like most other South East Asian markets. The primary attraction of the Russian market remains the artefacts made of ceramic and wood works. You will find fine pieces of Angkor Wat replicas, which are a popular choice for souvenirs.

•  The local name of the market: Toul Tom Poung Market
•  Opening Time: The Russian Market remains open daily between 6:30 am and 5 pm.
•  Other Things to Purchase: you can buy artefacts, local handicrafts, T-shirts, silk clothes, Khmer Scarves, etc.

How to reach the Russian Market?

The Russian Market is located at a distance of almost 11 km (6.8 miles) from the Phnom Penh International Airport. From the airport, tuk-tuks and taxis charge around $6 USD and $7 USD to almost anywhere in Phnom Penh, including the Russian Market. The journey from the airport takes just over half an hour if the road is free from traffic congestion.

Even though most taxi and tuk-tuk drivers are aware that the market is known internationally as the ‘Russian Market’, it’s best to tell them the local name of the market; Tuol Tom Poung Market. Before you hop aboard a tuk-tuk, you should negotiate the price as some drivers may try to rip tourists off once they reach the destination.

From the airport, head out towards the Woori Finance Cambodia PLC Office and then take the right turn for Street 2004. Continue along the street and then take a left to go towards Duong Ngeap Street II. Continue on this street and take the left for the Mekong Football Field and Goal Sport Club. Cross these two landmarks to hit Street 82C. Follow the road as it goes and take the turn for Street 430. Take the turn for Street 432 and then take another turn for Street 163. You would find the market on your left.

Plan a visit to the Russian market while staying in Cambodia to feel the soul of the country. 

Places to see nearby: Royal Palace, Wat Phnom, National Museum, Tuol Sleng Museum, etc.

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