Al-Azhar University - The Largest International Islamic Scientific Institution

Al-Azhar University is the largest international Islamic scientific institution in the world and the third oldest university in the world after Al-Zaytuna University and Al-Qarawiyyin University. It is located in Cairo, Egypt. History records that Al-Azhar was established in the early period of the Fatimid state in Egypt as a mosque called (Cairo Mosque, which was later called Al- Azhar).

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History of Al-Azhar University

Cairo Al-Azhar University
Cairo Al-Azhar University
At the beginning of the Fatimid era in Egypt, Al-Azhar was established as a mosque called (Cairo Mosque). The mosque was the headquarters for spreading religion and science. According to the global rankings of the WIPO Matrix website for world universities, Al- Azhar University is ranked 36 in Africa and 2315 globally among universities.

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Al-Azhar and the French Occupation of Egypt

When the French invaded Egypt under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1798 AD, the scholars of Al-Azhar ignited the revolution against them from within Al-Azhar, which was known as the first and second Cairo revolutions after his forces with horses entered the courtyard of Al-Azhar. And she threw the Koran and ravaged it. And the mosque got hit from the canons on the Cassel. This incident had precipitated the French withdrawal from Egypt. In 1805 AD, the scholars of Al-Azhar were able to impose on the Ottoman Caliph, the governor Muhammad Ali Pasha, to be the ruler of the province of Ottoman Egypt, after they took on him the charters and covenants to establish justice between the subjects.

Al-Azhar University Courses Available

The World Association of Al-Azhar Graduates organizes training courses for Muslims and other foreigners willing to introduce the true nature of Islam according to the Al-Azhar methodology.

Aims and Desired Objectives of the Oourses:

•  Knowledge of the basic rules and concepts of Islam.
•  Adequate knowledge of higher purposes.
•  The ability to monitor the constructive values shared by the monotheistic religions.
•  Knowledge of the civilizational role of Islam and Muslims.
•  Knowledge of the status of the family, women, and children in Islam.
•  Knowledge of the provisions of Islam in the field of environmental protection.
•  Discover the moderation of Islam and its call for social peace among people.

What is the Role of Al-Azhar University?

The importance of the role that the International Islamic Center for Population Studies and Research plays in spreading awareness among Egyptian and expatriate researchers through training courses that address many issues of concern to the human community locally and globally.

Islam has honored and cared for the human being without paying attention to color or belief, which was confirmed by the Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, through his signing of the "Human Fraternity" document in Abu Dhabi with the Pope of the Vatican, explaining that Islam gives women great care and attention to all her affairs And spread the correct concepts of Islamic law with regard to issues of public health, and the population issue in particular.

Al-Azhar University, Cairo
Al-Azhar University with Islamic Style

Al-Azhar Universities Occupy the Highest Level in Egypt and Africa.

Al-Azhar's Teeth occupies the first place at the level of Egyptian universities. Al-Azhar University announced that the male students of the Faculty of Dentistry in Cairo won the first place, and the dentistry girls in Cairo won the fourth place, in the competition for students of dental colleges at the level of Egyptian universities, which was held in the conference hall of the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University.

The number of universities that participated in the competition reached 16 Egyptian universities, with the participation of 1,200 students. The President of Al-Azhar University inaugurates the expansions of the Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Department at Hussein University.

A Surprise for Foreign Students at Al-Azhar University

Al-Azhar University has signed a service contract for electronic collection of tuition fees for students of Al-Azhar University with the Arab African Bank, and this step comes in line with the plan and the state's direction towards activating and strengthening the mechanisms of e-government, and the service will provide facilities for students' payment procedures.

It is worth noting that the new data and communication center has developed the electronic collection system programming in cooperation with the World Association of Al-Azhar Graduates, and this system allows students to inquire about tuition fees for the current and previous academic year, in order to eliminate students piled up in front of storage and shifting to the mechanization of colleges to facilitate students.

In this regard, the student, through the Click2Shop service provided by the Arab African Bank to Al-Azhar University, enters the national number, pays the fees and prints the payment receipt, and the effect is instantaneously on modifying the central database of student information systems at Al-Azhar University.

How to get to Al-Azhar University

Al-Azhar University is located in the heart of Cairo, which indicates the availability of all public transportation such as the metro, and there is a station name in the name of the university, which is Al-Azhar station. Also, there is private transportation from the taxi.

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