Crescent Lake & Echoing-sand Mountain

Dunhuang - The charming Crescent Lake

 Crescent Lake

There is a blue lake in a green basin surrounded by Echoing-Sand Mountain called Crescent Lake. It was given this name because of its shape and the clear water. In ancient China, Crescent Lake was in a vast desert and was called Sha Jing (meaning 'a well in the desert'). It is amazing that the lake was never buried by sands and never dried up during over two-thousand years. Strolling along the lake, tourists can appreciate the fish swimming leisurely in the water and the reflection of the standing poplars and elegant pavilions on the bank. These fore mentioned beautiful sights will be well worth the climb up the sand dune and will wash away your tiredness. Crescent Lake and Echoing-Sand Mountain are said to represent a beloved couple, who are loath to part. The two standing through thousands of years symbolize the way lovers and couples should cherish the true love they own. Bring the girl at the bottom of your heart to the appealing sight, you may gain more love from her.

Tourists can take bus No. 3 (about 1 Yuan) or taxi (about 15 Yuan) to the lake. If you are vigorous enough, you can rent a bicycle (about 1 Yuan per hour) in Mingsha Lu and ride to the sight spot. Entering the entrance to the scenic spot, tourists can take a camelback tour to the beautiful lake (about 30 Yuan per person for the round trip).

Admission Fee:
CNY 80 (Including Echoing-Sand Mountain)
Opening Hours:
06:00 to 17:50
Recommended Time for a Visit:
One Hour

 Echoing-sand Mountain

One of the wonders in Dunhuang City is Echoing-Sand Mountain, five kilometers (about three miles) south of downtown Dunhuang. The huge dune is so named because its sands make sounds. If someone climbs up or slides down the mountain, the rolling sands make different sounds, some like orchestral music, and others like thunder. The phenomenon is a marvelous spectacle of nature.

While most tourists are willing to climb the mountain, the ascent is not easy. Though it is not as dangerous as Mt. Huashan in Shaanxi Province and not as physically challenging as Mt. Taishan in Shandong Province, climbing this mountain is exhausting. As you step forward to climb up, the rolling sands pull you back half steps; you must use both your hands and feet to make progress. When you reach the mountaintop, a charming sight presents itself. Sliding down the mountain is exciting, worth the work of reaching the higher levels. The stunning sunset in this scenic spot is your reward.

Admission Fee: CNY 80 (Including Crescent Lake)
Recommended Time for a Visit: Evening in summer

Dunhuang Travel Tips

Now Dunhuang City lures countless tourists every year with the magnificent historical and cultural relics, the long and grand history and marvelous natural scenery. Luxurious hotels and clean and safe hostels are easily found in the city. Chicken, beef and mutton are preferred by locals. Flour-made foods, especially oodles, are local highlights. Tourists can also find many western restaurants and Sichuan cuisine restaurants in the city.