How & What Cambodia SIM Card to Buy?

In Cambodia you will find the jaw-dropping temple complexes of Angkor Wat, amazing islands and delicious seafood on the south coast, and a lot more. While you can enjoy Cambodia to the fullest, you would also want to communicate on the go. This is where you need a Cambodia SIM card.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to settle on which SIM card one should use. And, the next question that comes in is how to get a Cambodia SIM card. Well, you can easily buy a Cambodia SIM card in Phnom Penh airport and any mobile phone stores. The best part is that the prices are really reasonable and the process is very simple. Moreover the coverage and speed are pretty good.

Let’ check out which Cambodia SIM card is the best for you.

Which Are the Best SIM Card Companies?

Cellcard or Metfone is recommended for most travelers. Though five cell networks are there in Cambodia, very few of them work well outside the major cities. Metfone is one of the major players and known as the best Cambodia SIM card. It has the best coverage.

Smart and Cellcard are not that much behind. Both these companies provide pretty good service in the cities, and they are not bad outside them. All three of these providers offer 4G/LTE service.

Are you planning to visit only the major tourist hotspots in Cambodia? If yes, then you can choose any one of these three providers to get your Cambodia SIM card. They will meet your needs. However, if you’re going off the beaten track, Metfone is the best option for you.

If you are only visiting major centers on your trip, you can go with any out of the three providers mentioned above. You can see if there is an official store near your hotel or airport. Choose the one that is in proximity. If your trip takes you to major cities only, then no need to search for Metfone only; Cellcard or Smart will also do the job.

How to Buy a Prepaid SIM in Cambodia?

Buying a Cambodia SIM card is very straightforward. For instance, if you are going to arrive at Phnom Penh airport, you’ll see Cellcard signs all over the place. And, you can ask any tiny mobile phone store for the Cambodia SIM card. They all offer SIM cards of various companies, including Smart, Cellcard, and Metfone. But if you want the official price and better service you must visit official stores.

Whatever store you may choose, you will require a passport to show. The process will only take 5-10 minutes of your time.

Prepaid SIM Costs

As mentioned, one can buy a Cambodia SIM card from any of the mobile phone shops in the country, but the better thing to do it is to get it directly from the mobile company. People who sell these SIM cards must keep a copy of your passport on file; it is mandatory. However, a lot of small stores don’t bother about this requirement.

In case you lose your phone, you can get a replacement for the Cambodia SIM card. But, it only can happen if your passport has been registered. Moreover, phone shops charge a huge markup on Cambodia SIM cards. It will cost you around $10 at a shop and $2 at the carrier office.

You just need to bring a passport with a valid visa to the office to buy a Cambodia SIM card. There will be a variety of cards available to you starting from $2. Don’t think that costlier cards have more value. They may be expensive due to some unique combinations of phone number digits.

Tourist SIM

You can also avail the option of a tourist SIM card. It’s valid for a week and costs around $6. It offers 5GB of data per day with some credit for texts and domestic calls. You can get a top-up after the initial package expires.

Topping Up

Just walk for a hundred meters Cambodian, and you will see the logo of a SIM card provider. It means that you can top up almost anywhere. So you can move to any place without worrying about topping up.  

Data Speeds and Coverage

The coverage is quite excellent in major cities and towns. But, it just fades away a bit when you move outside these places.

Check out Some Quick Tips about Cambodia SIM Card

•  Most of the Locals call a SIM card a “Chip.”

•  Always ask the seller to set up the SIM for you since they will know how to do it or go to the official operator website to look for advice.

•  Get to the shops early to receive better assistance as well as to avoid the crowds.

Let’s hope you now enough information on a Cambodia SIM card. Explore Cambodia while staying connected.

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