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Why Is Angkor Wat a Wonder of the World?

The Southeast corner of Asia holds one of the finest evidence of medieval architectural artistry and anecdotes of history, popularly known as Angkor Wat, wonder of the world. People from across the world flock to Siem Reap in Cambodia with marvel in their eyes and hopes in their heart to explore one of the early medieval. There are plenty of reasons that make Angkor Wat wonder of the world and a place to cherish in your heart for long.  


As far as the structure of this magnificent temple complex is concerned, the one feeling that secures a permanent place in the beholder’s mind is astonishment. The question of how the early medieval people managed to erect such unparallel, flawless and artistic structures spread over the vast kingdom still remains a matter of mystery.

You will find ruins of temples and other structures inside Angkor Wat that speak volumes of the history and glory of the place.

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Even with the modern technologies and equipment today, anyone would think twice to take over such a voluminous task of such grandeur. So far as the medieval architecture is concerned, Angkor Wat receives the accolades of being one of the finest examples of its time. Every traveller who pays takes a glimpse of the enormous stone sculptures utters the words, Angkor Wat - wonder of the world.

Quick Facts:

•  Time of construction: Around the 12th century
•  Special Feature: The construction is oriented towards the west instead of the common choice, east.
•  Best Time to visit: The late monsoon months and the winter months of November to January are the best for travellers who wish to explore Angkor Wat.

Wetland Areas & Temples in Angkor Wat
Wetland Areas & Temples in Angkor Wat

Sculpture at Angkor Wat
Sculptures of Angkor Wat


The place, where the majestic temples of Angkor Wat, wonder of the world stand, was once the home for the Angkor dynasty. The sprawling area, which is now known as the centre of art and architecture of medieval Cambodia, was the home to the royal families. It was the main city from which the kings ruled the territories.  

However, today, the vastness of the area which was used for building temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu, amazes the beholders with its sheer size. If it can be thought of as a city from the past, explaining the enormous volumes becomes easier. No matter what the explanations and logical dimensions are, people who visit this place always find Angkor Wat as wonder of the world.

It extends over 162.6 hectares of land, inclusive of some wetland areas which serve as the delight of the spectator’s eyes.

Quick Facts:

•  Size: Almost equalling the size of a city
•  Special Feature: the entire area has been adorned with several structures erected at different times
•  Best Time to visit: Leaving the months of heavy monsoon, any month is comfortable for paying a visit to Angkor Wat

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When thought from a photographer’s perspective, there is hardly any picture that can qualify as a masterpiece without a perfect background being added to it. As far as the backdrops are concerned, Angkor Wat offers some of the best backgrounds a photographer can dream of. The clusters of clouds huddled behind the top of the ancient temples add a whole new dimension to the captures making photographers agree to the common consensus of Angkor Wat - a wonder of the world.

Had there not been the bewildering backdrop of lush green nature, water bodies, and clear blue skies with patches of white clouds or moisture-laden grey billows, the magic of Angkor Wat would not have been the same in the pictures. Hence, it is surely the surroundings of this temple complex that crowns the site with the glory of the wonder of the world.

Quick Facts:

•  What to look for: The lush green backdrop with occasional wetlands
•  Special Feature: The entire area is located a little away from the bustling city which offers it the charm of unaltered nature.
•  Best Time to visit: Travellers can enjoy the mystic beauty of Angkor Wat at any time of the year. Though the rainy season would demand the travellers to come equipped with ample rain gears.

Angkor Wat
Perfect Surroundings

Peaceful Environment, Angkor Wat
Peaceful Environment, Angkor Wat


What you first realize after stepping into the premises of Angkor Wat is the widespread serenity that rules here. If you are a city dweller, peace will get redefined to you as you will walk through the stone-carved structures voicing the tales that are no longer heard. This sense of tranquillity and eternity endows the existence of this world heritage site with the common feeling that transcends into every traveller’s mind, Angkor Wat, wonder of the world.

Quick Facts:

•  Places to see: Preah Khan, Pre Rup, Elephant Terrace, Banteay Kdei, etc. are some of the must visit places inside the Angkor Wat complex.
•  Experience to have: climb up the steep stairway to reach the top of the temples and witness the beauty that makes this place the wonder of the world.

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