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Silver Pagoda – Find the Best Buddhist Artefacts

Phnom Penh is one such city in Cambodia, where travellers from all over the world visit every year in large numbers not because it is the capital and most famous city of Cambodia but for the historical importance of the city. Besides Independence monument and National Museum of Cambodia, Phnom Penh also has an equally significant landmark known as Silver Pagoda. The Pagoda is situated on the southern part of the famous Royal Palace compound.

Significance of Silver Pagoda

Silver Pagoda, Royal Palace
Silver Pagoda, Royal Palace
Silver Pagoda is also known as Wat Preah Keo Morokot that implies the sacred temple of the Emerald Buddha. Besides library, courtyard, the temple Silver Pagoda, which is primarily owned by the Royals has a museum, several fascinating shrines and sculptures.

The central building of the Silver Pagoda contains invaluable treasures of Cambodia, out of which the most remarkable treasure is the Emerald Buddha. The statue of Maitreya Buddha dates back to the 17th Century and is made of pure crystal. It is embellished with royal regalia and covered with a significant number of premium quality diamonds.

The country has much to offer to its visitors, and the Silver Pagoda is surely one of the best for everyone and especially for the history enthusiast. This place remains equally congenial for travellers throughout the year owing to its typical tropical weather. Hence, anytime can be the time to visit Cambodia and its famous Silver Pagoda to explore some of the best Buddhist artefacts.


The lavish Silver Pagoda is situated within the Royal Palace compound. The bustling city of Phnom Penh accommodates the Royal Palace complex within it, and the Silver Pagoda has been erected within its periphery in the late 19th century. Hence, location-wise, it enjoys a perfect placement as the city of Phnom Penh has an international airport connected with all the major cities of the world. Thus, most visitors come to this city directly and get to see the charm of Silver Pagoda.

How to Reach

Once you are at the Cambodian capital city Phnom Penh, you can reach the Silver Pagoda in various ways – bus, train, car, taxi or Towncar.

Bus: If you board a 03-Blue Line Bus from Phnom Penh International Airport and pay $0.50, you will reach your destination which is more than 3.5km (2.2 mi) within 52 minutes.

Train: You will reach Phnom Penh station within 30 minutes if you board a train from Phnom Penh International Airport and pay near about $2.4 – 4.75. After that, you have to walk for 35 minutes to reach the Silver Pagoda.

Taxi: You can cover a distance of more than 11.3 km within 10 minutes if you hire a taxi from Phnom Penh Airport, which will charge around $9.30 – 11.88.

Importance of Silver Pagoda

Silver Pagoda was first built in 1892 and constructed for the king to meet the monks and listen to the sermons delivered by them. Surely it served as a centre for the spiritual enrichment of the royal family and the king during that time. However, Silver Pagoda also served as a place where the king would perform all the ceremonies and the processions as it was considered sacred.

Quick Facts:

•  Options to explore: Cycling and biking are smart choices for those who wish to explore Phnom Penh exclusively

•  Photography: Photography is strictly prohibited inside the Silver Pagoda

Silver Pagoda, Phnom Penh
Silver Tiles and Staircases Made of Italian Marble

Things to See at Silver Pagoda

The Pagoda received its name from the outstanding 5,000 silver tiles that adorn the floor near the entrance. Each of these tiles weight around 1 kilogram, and from its sheer shine, the Pagoda got its name-Silver Pagoda. However, to save the gleam of the excellent silver polish, the tiles have been kept covered.

After you get to feel the extravaganza of the silver tiles lying near the entrance, you take the staircases made of Italian Marble. Following the stairs, you will find the extravagant and colossal baccarat-crystal Emerald Buddha sitting on the top of an elaborately gilded pedestal.

Another artefact that will mesmerize every traveller with its splendour is the gold made Maitreya Buddha statue decked with 2,086 diamond, one of which was an astounding 25 carats. The gold Buddha weighs around 90 kg.

You will also find a miniature of silver and gold stupa that holds some relics brought from Sri Lanka. There are a bronze Buddha and a silver Buddha to the left and the right respectively. On the far right corners, the figurines made of gold depict the tales of the Buddha.

Quick Facts:

•  Local Name: Silver Pagoda is locally known as Wat Preah Keo
•  Year of refurbishing: In the year 1962. Silver Pagoda got refurbished.

What to See Outside Silver Pagoda

Once you come out of the halls of the Silver Pagoda and take a stroll around its premise, you will find the magnificent statue of Napoleon Bonaparte gifted to King Norodom by a French military commander.

Walk southwards down the courtyard, and you will come across a wonderful Buddha footprint made of silver. Travellers also take an interest in the murals spreading across the courtyard depicting sagas of the Ramayana. The library houses some precious Buddhist scriptures written on palm leaves.

Quick Facts:

•  The time needed to visit: Approximately two hours would be enough to explore Silver Pagoda
•  Visiting time: 8.30 am to 11.30 am, 2 pm to 7 pm daily
•  Entry fee: $10

Make sure that you have a visit to Silver Pagoda planned for your Cambodia sightseeing itinerary to comprehend the rich heritage and sense of Khmer artistry of the region.