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Japan Tour with Nakasendo Hike

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JP03: 10 Days Private Tour of Tokyo - Mt. Fuji - Tokyo - Nagano - Matsumoto - Nakasendo Way - Kyoto - Osaka

Tour Type: Guided tour with customizable sightseeing schedule.
Vehicle: Eco-friendly travel by public transport, cheap and convenient.
Accommodation: Best-reviewed 4 stars hotels selected by our experts.
Meals: Breakfast at hotel.

Trip Highlights
  • 1
    Catch a sweeping view of Mt. Fuji from high above. Fit Mt. Fuji, Sengen Shrine, and cherry blossoms in one shot.
  • 2
    Unique experience of Nakasendo Way hike: visit old post towns Magome, Tsumago, and Nagiso, and stay in a local ryokan with well-preserved wooden houses.
  • 3
    Cheers for the sleepless modern city of Tokyo, while pay homage to the ancient capital of Kyoto. Every temple and tower in Kyoto reveals, brick by brick, the vicissitudes of the city’s millennia-long history.
  • 4
    Check out the fun offbeat destinations of Nagano and Matsumoto and immerse in the atmosphere of Japanese modern art.
This trip can be tailored to match your dates and interests!
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Day 1: Arrive in Tokyo; Airport Pick-up
Day 2: Mt. Fuji & Lake Kawaguchi
Day 3: Tokyo: Visit Meiji Jingu Shrine, Senso-ji Temple, Odaiba
Day 4: Tokyo to Nagano, Visit Snow Monkey Park
Day 5: Nagano to Matsumoto, Visit Matsumoto Castle & Art Museum
Day 6: Matsumoto to Nagiso; Nakasendo Way Hike from Nagiso to Tsumago
Day 7: Walk Classic Nakasendo Way from Tsumago to Magome; Transfer to Kyoto
Day 8: Kyoto Highlights: Fushimi Inari Shrine, Golden Pavilion, Pure Water Temple
Day 9: Kyoto to Osaka; Free Time in Osaka
Day 10: Departure from Osaka
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This trip can be tailored to match your dates and interests!
Tour Prices
2-3 travelers4-5 travelers
  • Prices are per person based on double occupancy.
What's Included
  • Service of private English-speaking guide.
  • Accommodation with daily breakfast at hotels.
  • Entrance fees for mentioned sights visited.
  • Public transport like express bus and bullet train.
What's Excluded
  • International flight into Tokyo and out of Osaka.
  • Lunch and dinner.
  • Local hotel tax (pay on spot).
  • Japan visa fee.
  • Personal expenses (insurance, laundry, drinks, etc.).
Comparison with Other Sellers
We are the source supplier with cheapest price.
Our Japan private tours are cheaper than most other sellers, and our private tours are even cheaper than their group tours. How can we achieve this? After reading our itinerary details, you will find that our service quality is top notch. We do everything we can to keep the costs down. We lower our gross margin down to just 6%, whereas most sellers are making more than 60%, which is ten times ours.
Flexible Airport-hotel Transfer to Save You Money
One thing that makes Japan different from other places is that the cost of airport pick-up and see-off service is much higher than expected, because of the high labor costs and the long distance of up to 70 km (43 mi). For two persons traveling together, a Tokyo airport pick-up costs USD 170 per person by guide and public transport, USD 150 per person by private car with driver and without guide, while USD 105 per person by shared shuttle with a boarding assistant, all of which are much higher than a taxi costing about USD 200 and carrying 4 people. Similarly, the drop-off service for two persons from downtown Osaka to Kansai Airport costs USD 120 per person by private car with driver, more expensive than a taxi, which costs around USD 150 per car. We won’t force you to take a guided pick-up or drop-off package as some other sellers do. Our travel experts decided to skip the airport-hotel transfer, uncover all airport transportation costs for our valued guests, and let you make your own choice between our service and public transportation based on your number of people traveling. For more than 3 of you, simply take a taxi; for 1 or 2 people, the shared shuttle, airport limousine bus, and JR train are more economical options. If you are traveling with 7 or more people, it is more cost-effective to contact us to arrange a private van for you.
Adjustable Date to Visit Mt. Fuji

We are the first Japan tour operator to offer a flexible schedule for Mt. Fuji tours. How important is this? As a symbol of Japan, Mt. Fuji is a must-see for tourists. What you might not know is that there are only about 80 days a year when you can clearly see the Mt. Fuji in full view. It often rains, and even when it doesn’t, Mt. Fuji always hides in the clouds. We’ll try our best to coordinate the date of your trip so that you won’t regret visiting Japan. You can check the weather forecast and ask our travel consultant 72 hours in advance to change the order of your visit and choose a fine day to visit the Mt. Fuji during your stay in Tokyo. Alternatively, you can discuss with our guide which day to visit the Mt. Fuji upon arrival in Tokyo, depending on the actual weather conditions. Please be aware, however, that it may still be rainy or overcast even if you adjust the date. Just take it easy and keep a good traveling mood!

Compact and Rich Schedule; No Half-day Tours
Compared with other sellers, you will find that our schedule is designed a little bit tight, especially in Tokyo and Kyoto, where we would arrange one or two more attractions every day than others. We don’t mean to rush you, but better understand what you are thinking – time is money! Our travel consultants will work closely with you to plan your itinerary, making every effort to allow you to visit more places for the same amount of money in the same time. We share your disdain for half-day trips that waste your time and money, because a secret in Japan is that the labor cost of a half-day tour guide and driver is almost the same as that of a full day tour. With that in mind, if you’re worried about the strain of your journey, you can ask for a full day of free time in the middle of your itinerary, depending on your physical condition, free and easy, without guides or high fees. Please feel free to contact our travel consultants if you want a free day, as all our itineraries can be customized for you.
No Trap of Optional Tours
Our itineraries are clearly described, without optional tours and hidden charge. We believe that optional tours are traps and tools for some sellers to make more money from their guests. As a decent and trustworthy travel company, we won’t arrange unnecessary items that waste money of our guests. We put ourselves in your shoes and save every penny for you.
Our Insights
Tips on Exchange Rate from Our Travel Experts
Try to get the cash you need for the trip in Tokyo, as the exchange rates are lower in other cities. However, you’d better not change too much money at the airport because the exchange rate there is not good.

According to our expert’s field survey on March 6th, 2023:
1. The automatic money exchange machines at the airport have the worst rate at JPY 119 to USD 1, while the bank counters at the airport are better at 134 to USD 1.
2. The money exchange machines at the hotels are also not recommended, JPY 119 to USD 1.
3. The exchange rates are the best in some currency exchange shops in downtown Tokyo, where USD 1 can buy JPY 135, or even JPY 136 if you are exchanging more than JPY 100,000. The ones in Shinjuku are highly recommended. Outside the Exit D3 of Shinjuku Nishiguchi subway station, you can find a dozen money exchange shops, and compare the rates by yourself. Please mark this address to find them:
1 Chome-2-12 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0023
Or you can search ‘Ninja Money Exchange’ or ‘ACCESS TICKET Shinjuku Nishiguchi’ on your mobile map app to get the exact location.
Things to Know on Luggage
Be sure to pack light, as international flights and Japan’s Shinkansen trains have restrictions on oversized luggage. A suitcase with total dimensions of no more than 160 cm can be carried directly on the train while a luggage with total dimensions between 160 and 250 cm requires a reservation. We kindly remind you that you need to walk with luggage if traveling by public transport from your hotel to the train station or airport, which would be difficult especially on some crowded and stepped roads. If you want to check your luggage and ship it to the next or third city, please tell our guide to arrange it for you and pay the delivery fee on site.
International Flight Information
► Flights from USA to Osaka for Your Reference:
From New York to Osaka, the best plan is to transit in Tokyo. Take the All Nippon Airways’ flight NH109 12:45/17:00+1 (14h15m) first, stay 2 hours in Tokyo, and then take the flight NH039 19:00/20:20 (1h20m) to Osaka. The total travel time is 17 hours and 35 minutes. From Los Angeles, there are direct flights to Osaka every Monday, Thursday and Saturday on Japan Airlines’ JL069 14:20/18:50+1, taking 12 hours and 30 minutes. From San Francisco, you can take the United Airlines’ UA035 11:05/16:25+1 (12h20m) to Osaka every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, taking 12 hours and 20 minutes, or you can make a transfer at Tokyo.

► Return Flights from Tokyo to USA for Your Reference:
From Tokyo to New York, there are 5 direct flights daily: All Nippon Airways’ flight NH110 10:20/9:00 (12h40m), Japan Airlines’ JL006 11:05/10:00 (12h55m), as well as United Airlines’ UA078 17:35/16:15 (12h40m) and UA130 19:40/18:25 (12h45m). If you want to save money, consider a layover in Hong Kong, Taipei, or Seoul. To Los Angeles, you may take the following daily direct flights: Zipair’s ZG024 14:45/8:40 (9h55m), Singapore Airlines’ SQ012 18:15/12:15 (10h), Japan Airlines’ JL016 16:25/10:20 (9h55m) and JL062 17:05/11:00 (9h55m), All Nippon Airways’ NH006 17:00/10:50 (9h50m), NH126 21:05/15:05 (10h) and NH106 22:55/16:55 (10h), American Airlines’ AA170 13:05/6:51 (9h46m), Delta Air Lines’ DL008 17:25/11:30 (10h5m), and United Airlines’ UA033 17:55/11:55 (10h). To San Francisco, there are also several options, like JL058 18:10/10:30 (9h30m), JL002 19:55/12:25 (9h30m), and UA838 16:45/9:10 (9h25m). It would be cheaper if you take a transfer in Seoul, Taipei, or Honolulu.
5-Day Weather Forecast of Major Cities
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