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Top 5 Cambodian Street Foods Everyone Must Try

Cambodia is one of those most demanded corners of South East Asia and it claims the honour of welcoming millions across the globe every year. The tropical weather makes it an all-season tourist spot for all. Like many other South Asian countries, Cambodia is also known for its spices and rich vegetation. The cuisine, endemic to this region, also reflects the essence of tropical spices that grow in large numbers here. Your travel plan to Cambodia is incomplete without the Cambodian street food. Cambodia also has some of the best dishes to offer its visitors, which no traveller should forget to taste when in Cambodia.

Most of these varieties are available in street-side shops that serve hot fuming mouth-watering dishes. The following are the top 5 Cambodian street foods items that are intermingled with the spirit of the place, and tourists must try these dishes to get the real taste of Cambodia.

1. Lort Cha

Lort Cha is cooked with rice noodles combining some stir-fried vegetables such as spring onions, beans, and chives. What makes this appear more mouth-watering and tempting than a regular plate of chowmein are the beef shreds that are served along with the dish and the egg that tops the plate rendering it an inviting look.

Give in to every bite of this dish and associate with the spicy red chilli chutney, usually served with the dish to fall in love with its authentic tropical flavours. The streets of Phnom Penh offer roadside stalls selling Lort Cha, which is considered as one of the most popular amongst Cambodian street foods. Before you move on to the next tourist spot on your list, make sure to taste it once, at least.

Quick facts

•  Main ingredient: Rice noodles, vegetables, beans, spring onion, chives
•  Where to find: Street corner food stalls and restaurants
•  Approx price: $0.75 USD

2. Grilled Skewers

Grilled food is always lip-smacking, and everyone likes them. If you are touring Cambodia, make sure to get a taste of the authentic grilled dish served hot at the rod side food stalls called Grilled Skewers. Amazing street food for all the non-vegetarian food enthusiasts, the Grilled Skewers can offer you a variety of options ranging from ostrich, crocodile, frog legs, pork, quail, prawns, beef, seafood, to chicken.

If experimenting with your taste buds is on your mind, you can choose any Cambodian street foods from the given options and taste the grilled version of the meat. However, the Cambodian BBQs also provide for vegetarian people. You can find enough options for grilled varieties in the vegetarian corner, as well.

Quick facts

•  Main ingredient: Meat of your choice (vegetarian variety also available)
•  Where to find: Street corner food stalls and restaurants
•  Approx price: $1.25 USD

3. Kuy Teav

If your taste buds are craving for some spices, Kuy Teav is probably the best choice when opting for Cambodian street food.  Kuy Teav is prepared using pork broth, Khmer noodle (rice noodles), beef soup and lots of local spices that lend the dish its signature aroma. If trying Cambodian cuisine is your motto, you cannot miss out on this dish. Rice noodle soups are endemic to South East Asia, and the recipes associated with rice noodle soups originated in this area as well.

Kuy Teav is cooked with thin square-shaped rice noodles combining scallions, and chicken or bones with it. Livers and intestines are also added according to order and preference to enhance flavour of the soup. The presence of several types of meat makes it rich in protein and a wholesome food for all. Almost every household in Cambodia has a unique recipe for Kuy Teav.

Quick facts

•  Main ingredient: Rice noodles, pork broth
•  Where to find: Street corner food stalls and restaurants
•  Approx price: $1.00 USD

4. Kralan

As long as you are in Asia, rice will remain the staple everywhere. Specifically, if you are visiting any part of South East Asia which lies near the tropical region, rice is the primary food item consumed by the native people. Sticky rice is the staple in Cambodia and trying Kralan would be indispensable for those who have a taste for local cuisine. Kralan is prepared with sticky rice and black-eyed peas.

Kralan receives its tropical flavour from the coconut milk which is used while preparing the food. The entire thing is then put inside a bamboo stick, which makes it look appealing and tempting. Then the stick filled with rice and peas is left to roast in charcoal or wood fire from which it receives the smoky flavour. It is one of the best snacks you can try in Cambodia.

Quick facts

•  Main ingredient: Sticky rice, coconut milk, black-eyed peas
•  Where to find: Street corner food stalls and restaurants
•  Approx price: $0.60 USD

5. Bai Sach Chrouk

A popular Cambodian street food, the locals generally consume this item in the morning to start their day with. It is prepared with rice and pork strips. The pork strips are grilled and laid on the plate of cooked rice and served hot at the roadside stalls. The smoky flavoured pork strips complement the fresh soft rice perfectly. Usually, spring onions, garlic, or onions are also served with this dish while it comes topped with eggs or veggies.  

Quick facts

•  Main ingredient: Sticky rice, grilled pork strips
•  Where to find: Street corner food stalls and restaurants
•  Approx price: $0.65 USD

When in Cambodia, taste the Cambodian street food to give a twist to your taste bud experiences. Also, make sure that you get the feel of the authentic Cambodian cuisine, which will enrich your gamut of experience as well.

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