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Bhutan Weather

3-Day Weather Forecast of Major Cities
Bhutan Climate & Weather Facts
  • Climatic Zone: Subtropical Zone
  • Climatic Features: high temperature and abundant rainfall in summer; cold and dry in winter
  • Average Temperature: 19℃ - 30℃ (86℉ - 66.2℉) 
  • Warmest Month: June; Hottest City: Samdrup Jongkhar: 34℃ (107.6℉)
  • Coolest Month: January; Coldest City: Thimphu: -17℃ (1.4℉)
  • What is the weather like in Bhutan?
    Bhutan has four distinct seasons. From March to May, it’s spring. The weather is generally warm and dry. From June to August, it’s summer. The temperature and rainfall both increase greatly. September to November is the autumn season in which the climate is cool and dry. Winter of Bhutan is from December to February. It’s cold and there is almost no rain. Due to its geographical conditions, the climate in the northern, central, and southern parts of the country greatly differs. The climate of northern mountainous Bhutan is quite different from other regions. The winter is very cold and windy. Even in summer, it’s still cool and dry.
  • Best time to visit: March to May, September to November
Bhutan Seasons - Temperature & Clothing Guide
March - May
8 - 24℃ (46.4 - 75.2℉)
Clothes to Wear:
shirt, jeans, hoodie, thin coat
June - August
17- 26℃ (62.6 - 78.8℉)
Clothes to Wear:
T-shirt, light pants, dress
September - November
7- 25℃ (44.6 - 77℉)
Clothes to Wear:
shirt, jeans, hoodie, jacket
December - February
2- 14℃ (35.6 - 57.2℉)
Clothes to Wear:
shirt, jeans, jacket, thick coat
Monthly Weather of Bhutan - Temperature & Rainfall
Regional Weather of Bhutan
North Bhutan
  • Warmest Month: July 14℃ (57.2℉)
  • Coolest Month: January -19℃ (-2.2℉)
  • Weather: It’s very cold in the northern alpine area of Bhutan. There are almost no summer days and winter is long and frigid. The dry season is from October to next May with cold and dry weather, and it’s always windy. From June to September, it’s the wet season with short showers which mostly happen at night.
  • Recommendation: You can come here to conquer the snow-covered mountains like Himalayas and Qomolangma. It’s necessary to keep yourself warm. Due to the low temperature of winter months, it’s better to travel here from March to May.
Central Bhutan
  • Warmest Month: July; Hottest City: Mongar 23℃ (73.4℉)
  • Coolest Month: January; Coolest City: Zhemgang -5℃ (23℉)
  • Weather: The climate is pleasant in the central part of Bhutan. Spring commences from March and lasts until May. June to August is summer, followed by autumn from September to November. Winter is from December to next February. The weather in spring and summer is warm but stormy. The weather of autumn is cool but rainy. In winter, it is cold and dry.
  • Recommendation: The central part is suitable for travelling all year round but spring and autumn are the best seasons.
  • See more about Thimphu Weather.
South Bhutan
  • Warmest Month: July; Hottest City: Samdrup Jongkhar 34℃ (93.2℉)
  • Coolest Month: January; Coolest City: Phutsholing 10℃ (50℉)
  • Weather: The weather of south areas is usually hot and moist with much rainfall. March to June is the hot season; July to September is the rainy season; and October to February is the monsoon season.
  • Recommendation: It’s better to travel to the south of Bhutan during the monsoon season when the weather is cool and dry.