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WT-Papua New Guinea 01:10 Days Journey of Papua New Guinea: Port Moresby - Mount Hagen - Ambua - Tari Gap - Port Moresby
  • Day
    Arrival in Port Moresby - Mount Hagen

    After arrival at the Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, you will connect a flight to the capital of the Western Highlands Province - Mount Hagen and then check in a hotel for rest.

  • Day
    Mount Hagen

    In the following two days, you will take a trip in the Paiya area and experience the pure Western Highlanders traditions. Upon arrival at Paiya Village, you will be welcomed by a dance to your Guest House. At Paiya Village, you will see women dancing in traditional costumes, the Chief with his three wives and also visit the Village Museum preserving spirit stones and skulls of past Chiefs.

    On third day, you will participate in the Paiya’s ecological tour to visit Magic Mountain and surrounding villages, which is followed by a traditional MuMu dinner. After dinner, you will enjoy a courting ceremony where boys and girls meet, greet, sing love songs and dance.  

  • Day
    Mount Hagen - Rondon Ridge

    In the morning you will take a drive to Mount Hagen and then transfer to Rondon Ridge, along the way you can enjoy the enchanting scenery. With a height of 7100-feet, Rondon Ridge offers magnificent views of the incredible Wahgi Valley. In the afternoon, you will take a nature tour in the Rondon Ridge area, feasting your eyes on ten species of Bird of Paradise and numerous orchid species, and enjoy the infinite close with nature.

  • Day
    Rondon Ridge

    After departing from Rondon Ridge, you will trek to the nearby Melpa village. On the way, you will go through traditional gardens, pass family homesteads and climb over man-made ditches. Upon arrival in the village, you will be welcomed by a greeting ceremony and have the opportunity to communicate with local people and learn about the ancient culture.

  • Day
    Mount Hagen - Ambua - Tari Gap

    Today you will go to the airport and fly to Ambua. Upon arrival you will transfer to the lodge for check-in. Ambua is an inspired mixture of local architecture, spectacular views and modest luxury off the beaten track. In the afternoon you will visit the high mountain forests with boisterous falls. Or you can choose to take a guided walk in the rainforest, visit the Tari Gap area, or look at the exotic birds of paradise.

  • Day
    Tari Gap

    With your guide, you will enjoy a two-day-tour of nature, culture and adventure jounrey. Tari is one of the few places where people still keep the custom of wearing traditional dress. People here respect birds, imitate birds and decorate hairs with the plumage of the most beautiful birds. A man’s wealth depends on the quantity of wives and pigs they have. The dense forest canopy will provide a natural setting and a comfortable climate for roaming along the trails. Through the traditional vine bridge, you will discover the hidden waterfalls, have a look at the timid tree kangaroo, and observe orchids and rhododendrons in the high altitude. Besides, you may also have the chance to view over ten species of bird of paradise.

  • Day
    Tari - Port Moresby - Loloata Island

    Transfer to Mt Hagen Airport and fly to Port Moresby International Airport. After arrival, you will take a ferryboat to the Loloata Island Resort. Nestled in the forests along the coast, the cabins here are surrounded by the nature. Loloata offers a desiring diving destination.

  • Day
    Rondon Ridge

    This morning, you will enjoy another fantastic birding and nature walk in the highlands, where springtime temperatures persist year-round. Upon returning and having your full breakfast, the remainder of the day will be spent exploring the Mt. Hagen and Wahgi Valley area. With a picnic lunch, you will have the entire day to visit with village chiefs to gain insight into their subsistence living, as well as their proud heritage. A visit to the Mudmen Village will leave an impression on you that will be impossible to forget!

  • Day
    Loloata Island

    You will stay on the island for two full days freely. You can enjoy yourself by exploring the wonderful undersea world, go fishing in the surrounding waters or overlook the island scenery on the hillside. The hotels in the forests definitely fits the taste of visitor who want have a holiday or diving.

    The final morning for wildlife and bird spotting and photography in Papua New Guinea. After lunch, you will be transferred to the airstrip for your flight back to Port Moresby. Upon arrival, you will go directly to the Airways Hotel, a gorgeous hotel that provides a wonderful atmosphere for a dinner and celebration of a 11-day journey that will be with you for the rest of your life!

  • Day
    Departure from Papua New Guinea

    Take a ferry back to Port Moresby International Airport and then take a flight return home.