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Papua New Guinea 02

WT-Papua New Guinea 02:7 Days Tour of Papua New Guinea: Port Moresby - Loloata Island Resort - Mount Hagen
  • Day
    Arrival in Port Moresby - Loloata Island Resort

    After arriving at Port Moresby, you will be transferred through a boat to the world famous diving destination - Loloata Island Resort, only a short distance from Port Moresby. On the island, there is an incredible array of diving resorts available, including a resort which you can directly reach without taking a flight.

  • Day
    Loloata Island Resort

    Today you will be free to choose the activities you like. Both its accommodation and diving promise a leisure and relaxing setting for visitors. There are also world-class dive sites available. Drop Off, Bommie and Wreck make the dive sites more diversified and attractive. Also you can choose to explore the undersea world of PNG.

  • Day
    Loloata Island Resort - Port Moresby

    The whole morning is free on your own. At noon, you will be transferred by ferryboat to Port Moresby. In the afternoon, a visit will take you to the national museum and other resorts in Port Moresby.

  • Day
    Port Moresby - Mt. Hagen

    Take an inland flight to Mt. Hagen. The simple style of its buildings presents the city’s pristine beauty. The city is known as “sky garden” for its spectacular Swedish-like scenery. In the afternoon, you will take a drive to visit the Hagen highlanders - “Mudmen”. This hundreds years’ Hagen highlands civilization have not been discovered until 15th century by the Portugal. You will visit the Waghi villiage and watch the “Mudmen” show.

  • Day
    Mt. Hagen

    Today you will continue your journey to Paiya villiage. In Paiya villiage, you will visit its cultural center, the Chief and his family, local traditional wigwam, and sprit stones from hundreds of years ago, followed by the spectacular traditional “SING SING” show. The show includes traditional wedding ceremony and archery show imitating the ancient war scene. After the show, you can have a taste of the traditional “MUMU” dinner which is cooked through the heating stones.

  • Day
    Mt. Hagen - Port Moresby

    Today you will take a flight back to Port Moresby. On arrival, you will take a bus tour in the city. The tour will take you to the National Parliament House, Royal Papua Yacht Club, National Library, and Tugubaga hill. The top of Tugubaga hill will offer you a panoramic view of the bustling downtown, extensive coastlines and fascinating coastal scenery. Next stop is National Capital Botanical Garden. The garden has a huge collection of tropical plants including many palm species, which provides a desiring place for wildlife. You will also have the chance to see the bird of paradise. The last stop is the local artwork shop offering varied specialty goods.

  • Day
    Departure from Port Moresby

    After breakfast, you will transfer to the airport and take a flight leaving from Port Moresby.