Leshan Giant Buddha & Thatched Cottage of Du Fu

Leshan Giant Buddha

The Leshan Giant Buddha sits on the Lingyun Mountain of Leshan, 160 kilometers (99.4 miles) from Chengdu City. As the largest stone carving artwork in the world, it is a sitting statue of Maitreya Buddha, overlooking the beautiful confluence of the Minjiang, Daduhe, and Qingyi Rivers.

Leshan Giant Buddha, Sichuan

Carving of this sculpture begun in the year 713 in the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), required 90 years to complete. The work was initiated by the noted monk Hai Tong, who wanted to build a Buddha statue to retard blood flow by carving the stones and invoking the power of Buddha. Following twenty years' fund collection, the work was finally launched.

The Leshan Giant Buddha is 71 meters (233 feet) high, reaching the peak of the hill. His head is 14.7 meters (48.2 feet) long and 10 meters (32.8) wide, with 7-meter-long (23-foot-long) ears each of which can hold two persons inside. The Lingyun Temple is situated not far from its right side. The insteps, 8.5 meters (27.9 feet) in width, provide visitors favorite places to absorb the view, to rest and to take photos. Another attractive place is the side of the Buddha's head. People can go there directly through a plank way along the cliff and appreciate the engraving art - by seeing his hair as worn in 1021 buns embedded with stones.

Admission Fee: CNY 70 (Excluding CNY 50 for a boat trip)
Opening Hours: 09:00 to 16:50
Recommended Time for a Visit: One day

Thatched Cottage of Du Fu

Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, ChengduDu Fu, lived during the time changing from the pinnacle to the decline of the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), and was a great Chinese realism poet. His path through life was hard and he was unable to be successful in his chosen profession, but Du Fu achieved much in the composing of poetry, and hence, hailed to be the poet of highest attainments in Chinese history.

The Thatched Cottage of Du Fu is his former residence, modestly named by himself, the thatched cottage. In order to avoid from the Rebellion of An and Shi (the turning pointing of the Tang Dynasty, bringing the dynasty to its eventual downfall), he was forced to leave from Chang'an (Xian) to Chengdu City. With the help of friends, Du Fu established a new home on the bank of Wanhua Brook outside the west gate of Chengdu City where the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu is. In just short of the four years that Du Fu lived here, he wrote more than 240 poems. To venerate the great poet, people established gardens and temples from the Northern Song Dynasty (960 - 1127). The thatched cottage having been renovated many times and is fact actually a beautiful park dedicated to the remembrance of Du Fu. Tourists may appreciate the introduction to Du Fu's life, his statues, memorial paintings, wood carvings, couplets and also many of Du Fu's finest works with foreign translations.

Strolling through the thatched cottage provides tourists the opportunity to both ponder to ancient times and enjoy the delights of nature.

How to Get There:
Visitors can get there by taking No. 301, 82, 84, 35, 17 bus.

Admission Fee: CNY 60
Opening Hours: 8:00 -18:00