China Travel Tips

Tips on Travel Seasons

China has everything one expects to find on her vast territory, from ancient cultural and historic relics to stunning natural wonders, from the 'Spring City' Kunming to the snow capped sacred mountains in Tibet, from the well-known West Lake in Hangzhou to the world's largest and oldest treasure house of Buddhist art - Mogao Caves in Dunhuang. For travel to the historical or cultural sites, such as Forbidden City in Beijing or Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian, anytime of year is suitable. The natural charm of an attraction may differ since each season has distinct characteristics. Visitors should decide the best travel time according to their interests.

Primarily dominated by the temperate zone continental monsoon climate, China features four distinct seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter. The sunny autumn period from September to November and the blooming spring from early March to late May are the best times to enjoy most of China's natural attractions. However, in recent years, more and more people are traveling off the beaten tracks in low seasons to both avoid the tourist crowds and to explore the unique charm of the same attraction. Along with the changing travel times, some tourist attractions have been increasing in popularity such as the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in winter and the Beijing red maple admiration in autumn.

Different attractions in different seasons

Season Month Best Tour Sites Tourism Festivals
Spring March-May gardens, mountains, parks, squares, forest parks, temple fairs Kites Festival, Cherry Festival, Folk Song Festival of the Zhuang People, Peach Blossom Festival, Water-splashing Festival of the Dai People, Mazu Festival of Meizhou in Fujian
Province, Peony Exhibition of Heze in Shandong Province, The Third Month Fair of Dali, Luoyang Peony Fair, International Ceramics Festival in Yixing
Summer June-Aug. lakes, riverside areas, mountain resorts, beaches, grassland, waterfalls Dragon Boat Festival, International Beer Festival in Qingdao, Litchi Festival in Shenzhen, Torch Festival in Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, International Glider Festival in
Jiayuguan, International Tourism Festival in Wutai Mountain, Sunning Buddha Festival in Lhasa, Grape Festival in Turpan
Autumn Sep.-Nov. mountains, fruit gardens, grottoes and caves Beijing Fragrant Hill Red Maple Festival, Guava Festival in Lintong District of Xian, Xian Ancient Culture and Art Festival, Chrysanthemum Festival, Ginseng Festival of Changbai
Mountain, Silk Tourist Festival in Suzhou, China International Tidal Wave Watching Festival in Haining, Yellow River Culture Festival in Yinchuan, International Confucius Cultural Festival in Qufu,
Jindezhen International Ceramics Festival, Zhengzhou International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival, Zhangjiajie International Forest Festival, Shanghai Huangpu Tourist Festival, Hubei Three Gorges
Art Festival, Huangshan Mountain International Tourist Festival, Guilin Scenery Festival
Winter Dec.-Feb. mountains, stone mountains, ski resorts, hot springs, beaches Chaoshan Gourmet Festival, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, Ice lantern Festivals, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival