China Travel FAQs

Things to know about China
  1. How can we be sure you are a legitimate travel agency?
  2. How do Chinese address foreigners?
  3. How should foreigners greet Chinese?
  4. How do foreigners address Chinese people in business and social circumstances?
  5. What is Chinese people's reaction to compliments?
  6. How do the Chinese say "no"?
  7. What is the Chinese New Year?
  8. What are the most popular itineraries with special features in China?
  9. How many ancient cities are under state protection?
  10. Is bike riding a good way of exploring city life in China?
  11. What sites in China are listed in UNESCO's World Heritage Program?
Visa & Travel Permit
  1. Must I have a visa to visit China?
  2. Can I get an on-arrival visa at any airport?
  3. My trip will take me back to the Chinese mainland again after visiting in Hong Kong. Should I apply for a single or a double-entry visa?
  4. How do I apply for my visa to China?
  5. Should I apply for a Hong Kong visa?
  6. What should I do if I lose my passport before I leave China?
  7. Is a Tibet Travel Permit necessary to enter Lhasa?
  8. How can I get a Tibet Travel Permit?
Packing List
  1. What clothes should I pack?
  2. What medicines should I bring?
  3. How should I dress for the Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Show?
  4. Should I bring an electric converter?
  5. Is it necessary to bring my medical records along on my trip?
  6. Do I need any vaccinations proof to visit China?
  7. Do I need to purchase any insurance besides your Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance?
  1. What are the 'must see' attractions for my first trip to China?
  2. Is November a good time to visit China?
  3. Can I use US dollars in China? What about credit cards?
  4. Where can I exchange my money for Chinese currency?
  5. I'm worried about getting altitude sickness in Tibet. Any suggestions?
  6. What should I keep in mind when I meet Tibetans?
  7. Is it better to join in a tour or to travel independently?

  1. What is the latest time I should arrive at the airport?
  2. How much luggage can I take on the plane in China?
  3. Can you reserve a window seat on the flight if I'd like one?
  4. How can I know which gate is the right one for my plane?
  5. Are trains air-conditioned in China?
  6. Where can I purchase train tickets in China?
  7. Can I have a private compartment for two on the train?
  8. Is it convenient to take a taxi in China?
  9. How can I go to Tibet?
  1. Is the tap water safe to drink in hotels?
  2. Do the hotels have non-smoking rooms?
  3. Is the baby's cot available?
  4. Can I rent a wheelchair at the hotel?
  5. Is Internet access available in hotels in China?
  6. Do the hotels have swimming pools?
  7. What time can I check in and check out of the hotel?
  1. When are the high season, low and shoulder season in your tour itineraries listed on your website?
  2. Do children pay the same fare as adults?
  3. Does your price include airfare?
  4. What languages can your guide speak?
  5. How many people will be in my group?
  6. Will we have meals with our guide or share with other people?
  7. Can we order our own dishes?
  8. Do you provide vegetarian food (even without eggs or seafood)?
  9. How much should we prepare for our own dinner?
  10. What proof will I get from you after I send the payment?
  11. Can I have a private tour guide during the Yangtze Cruise?
  12. Who should I contact if any emergency happens?
  13. How do I book a tour? Do you accept credit cards?
  14. Should I tip?
  15. How can I find my guide after arrival?