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China Travel Guide


Take a Beijing tour is absolutely worthwhile! Besides of a historic capital, it is also a gourmand's paradise with so many regional cuisines.


It is China's top landscape resort famed for enticing mountains and water, such as the outstanding Elephant Trunk Hill and the Li River.


It is no wonder that the historic Shanghai is the most prosperous and liveliest financial center in mainland China.


As one of the four ancient civilized capital cities in the world, Xian is the top place to discover the essence of Chinese civilization.

  • Chengdu: It is the capital of the 'Heavenly Kingdom' of Sichuan, also called 'a city where one would not think of leaving once there'.

  • Chongqing: An ancient city, which is also one of the Stoves and the largest municipality of China, Chongqing has lots of wonders waiting for you.

  • Dali: This ancient city enjoys so mild climate that you can experience its charming scenery and exotic customs of the Bai group at any time.

  • Datong: The long history of Datong leaves a lot of historical relics, including 7 grottoes, 196 ancient architectures, 25 old tombs and so on.

  • Dunhuang: Dunhuang lures countless tourists every year with the magnificent cultural relics, grand history and marvelous scenery.

  • Guangzhou: Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, holds the world-famous Canton Fair every spring and autumn.

  • Guizhou: Apart from its comfortable climate in every season, the highlight of Guiyang should be the various nationalities living here.

  • Hangzhou: The most graceful city in China will let you know what the heaven on earth is both by the beautiful West Lake and its splendid history.

  • Hohhot: The brave Mongolians have settled down in this vast region for a long time and praised this land to be a 'Blue City'.

  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong, one of the busiest international ports, is also an attractive tour detonation combining the modern fashion and traditional Chinese elements well.

  • Kashgar: Boasting a long history and splendid culture, there are various kinds of cultural relics scattered in and around Kashgar City.

  • Korla: Beautiful Swan Lake, distinctive ethnical flavors and cultures in Korla allure millions of tourist every year.

  • Kunming: You will be involved in the flower sea once arrive in this eternal spring city which is also proud of interesting local customs.

  • Lijiang: The UNESCO listed site features well preserved ancient buildings and Naxi culture, which is said to be one of the best places to live in.

  • Macau: Both of the traditional Chinese civilization and the Portuguese culture can be found in this international city.

  • Nanjing: One of the ancient capitals, Nanjing plays a vital role in the east part of China, ranging from economy and culture to transportation.

  • Pingyao: This county preserves the best examples of Chinese ancient architecture from the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

  • Shenzhen: The excellent environment makes Shenzhen a resort for travelers as well as its glitzy economy attracts many businessmen.

  • Suzhou: The most ancient bridges, rivers, gardens and water towns in Suzhou will satisfy everyone’s desire for the unsophisticated China.

  • Tibet: This holy land is located on the 'Roof of the World', preserving its unique and splendid Tibetan civilization for many centuries.

  • Turpan: The friendly and hospitable locals living in the 'Fire Land' entertain their valued guests with the most delicious grape.

  • Zhangjiajie: Everyone will be astonished once he comes to Zhangjiajie where a series of unbelievable mountain scenery exsits.