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Xian Tours

A wise choice to uncover the ancient city's splendid history and culture

Xi'an, also named Chang'an in ancient times, served as the capital city for 13 dynasties of Chinese history and is the starting point of the Silk Road. It is one of the four ancient capitals of the world. Our well-designed Xian tours will lead you to the most popular attractions including the Terracotta Army, City Wall, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and observe the authentic local life with your own eyes.

Trip Planning FAQs

What are must-see attractions for Xian tours?
Taking a Terracotta Warriors tour is the No. 1 thing for visitors to do in Xi'an. This Terracotta Army was built over 2,200 years ago and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Beyond that, the Bell Tower that locates at the center of Xian city is worthy to go. You can also visit the Drum Tower and the Muslim Quarter which are near the Bell Tower. At Muslim Quarter, you can taste more than 300 local halal snacks. However, something you need to pay attention to is to respect the local religious customs. Be careful to not take any pork products into the Muslim Quarter. There are also many world-famous attractions you can see for Xian tours such as the City Wall, the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and Shaanxi History Museum.
When is the best time to take Xian vacation packages?
As one of the popular tourist destinations with abundant historical relics, Xian is suitable to visit all year round. But consider of the climatic conditions, March, April, May and September, October will be the best time to take Xian tours. Please remind that there will be massive crowds during October 1st to 7th for Chinese National Day Holiday, so if you don't prefer the hustle and bustle, try to avoid this peak time when choose Xian tour packages.
Are Credit Cards accepted by merchants, hotels, restaurants in Xian?
Credit Cards are accepted at the hotels, big restaurants and shopping malls but may not be accepted by food peddlers on the streets. So we would suggest that tourists should prepare with a certain amount of Chinese currency (RMB) on the basis of your travel dates and destinations before leaving. But if you happen to run out of cash when you are traveling during Xian private tours, you can withdraw money from the ATM machines or banks with your card. With regard to the money exchange, most four-star and five-star hotels offer an exchange service for their guests. It is a good idea to tell your Bank that you propose to use your card(s) in China before you travel to avoid any problems.
How long is the local family visit and do I need to bring a gift?
The family visit during our unique Xian tour packages normally takes around two hours (including lunch time). There is no need for you to bring gifts to the family. You will have the authentic home-cooked lunch. If interested, you can learn to cook Chinese dishes with the hostess.
What is the best season to visit Mt. Huashan?
The sceneries on Mt. Huashan vary in each of the four seasons and the best season to visit is from April to October. It is not recommended to climb the mountain in winter, as the steps can be slippery on snowy days.
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