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Xian Tours

3 Days of Terracotta Warriors Tour Lowest at $220

Xian witness the development of ancient culture in the Yellow River Basin area of country, therefore you will taste of the profound culture atmosphere everywhere. This route is designed to lead you visit the essence culture relics and great wonders in a brief time.

4-Day of Terracotta and Empress Mausoleum Lowest at $350

Xian becomes a hot tourist city not only depending on Terracotta Warriors. As a capital city of 13 dynasties, it abounds in the cultural relics and heritages. You will encounter the well-preserved City Wall and Big Wild Goose Pagoda…

6-Day Tour from Xian to Wuhan

6 days' journey will show you an fascinating experience in Xian and Wuhan. You cannot miss the wondes Terracotta Warriors in Xian and historical tower of Yellow Crane and Chibi city as well as the modern Wuhan Great Bridge of the Yellow Rive beauty of in Wuhan.

6-Day of Xian - Yichang

There lay mighty City Wall in Xian, the celebrated Yellow River, hills and the historical relics in this graceful city - Yichang. You can visit the Xi Ling Xiakou scenic spot and Gezhou Dam Hydroelectric Power Station to experience a marvelous and memorable trip in six days there. So, do not hesitate to package things up along with you to own this happy tour.

6-Day of Xian - Wuhan - Enshi

The special feature of histoiral relics, minorities, the breathing-taking drift and the local ancient buildings will show you the amazing and spectacular views of these two cities - Xian and Enshi. The following six days will make it come true for you.

5-Day of Xian - Wuhan - Enshi

After three day's trip in Xian, head to Enshi. You will experience the famous and largest limestone cave and the oldest metasequoia there. They will tell you the magic of the nature.

5-day off the beaten track from Xian to Jiujiang

If you are still have enough time after touring in XIna, head to Jiujiang. It stretching out along the southern bank of the Yangtze River, has many historic and cultural relics, each of which has a beautiful legend, like Xunyang Tower and Pipa Pavilion.

5-Day of Xian - Nanchang - Meiling - Anyi Ancient Villages - Sanzhualun

Xian is the ancient capital city and Meiling is a national scenic and historic interest area and Anyi Ancient Villages have a history more than a thousand years. The journey may definitely attract your eyes.

5-Day of Xian - Xining

Three days in Xian is great memory and two days elite Xining outskirt excursion brings you to the famous Dongguan Great Mosque, Beichan Temple, Qinghai Provincial Museum and the gem of Tibetan culture - Ta'er Monastery.

5 Day of Xian - Wuhan

The history in Three Kingdoms Period had entrusted to the old city the lively and magical historical character. In the five days' journey, you will fully touch the controversial ancient place through the old city trip and its museum. Its legends were recorded and now its ever sad or merry stories are narrated to its visitors on and on.
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