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WT-Lithuania 01:4 Days Tour of Lithuania: Vilnius - Trakai - Kernave - Kaunas
  • Day
    Arrival in Lithuania

    You will fly to Vilnius, which is the capital and the largest city of Lithuania. In history, Vilnius belonged to different countries for all kinds of political and military reasons. It is the ancient capital of Lithuania. After arrival, you will first go to the hotel for short adjustment. In the afternoon, you will leave for Vilnius old town and visit the historical buildings there, including the cathedral and Bishops Palace, namely the current presidential palace. Afterwards, you will visit Gediminas Castle, Vilnius University, St. Anne Church, Bernardines Church and Gate of Dawn.

  • Day
    Trakai - Kernave - Kaunas

    Today, you will first go to Trakai for a visit and Trakai used to be the capital of Lithuania. After arrival, you are going to visit the Trakai Castle of the fifteenth century, which is made up of pink bricks and is very beautiful seeing from distance. The area of the castle is not large, but the city walls are very thick. Nowadays, there are still exhibitions in the castle frequently. After the visit here, you will proceed to Kernave, which used to be an important town of Lithuania. It has been listed in the world cultural heritage directory for some important relics were found here. After arriving here, you can visit these important relics in a short distance, including the Kernave city, forts, some undefended residences, graveyards, and other archeological, historical and cultural relics from the late old stone times to middle ages, etc. Afterwards, you will leave for Kaunas.

  • Day

    Kaunas is the second largest city of Lithuania and it was also the capital in the pre-war period. After arrival, you will go sightseeing in the old town of this city to visit St. Georges Church, Kaunas Castle and Town Hall Square, etc. There are many churches worthy of visiting around the Town Hall Square, like Jesuit Church, Church of Vytautas and so on. Finally, you will go to a street in the town center--Free Road and visit Pazaislis Monastery, the most impressive baroque building in the northern Europe. After the visit, you will return to Vilnius.

  • Day
    Departure from Lithuania

    The whole morning is free on your own and you can wander around to do some shopping before leaving. Then, you will transfer to the airport by bus and take a flight departing from Lithuania. This is the end of this memorable tour.