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WT-Lithuania 02: 6 Days Trip of Lithuania: Vilnius - Trakai - Riga - Tallinn
Day 1: Arrival in Lithuania

You will fly to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The name “Vilnius” evolves from“Vilnius”(wolf) of Lithuanian. According to legend, in the 12th century, the grand duke of Lithuania came here for hunting and at night had a dream that several wolves rushed to the hillock. When the strongest wolf beat others, it howled loudly and disturbed a large range. A person who read the dream said that this dream was a propitious sign and if a city was built here, it would surely got a reputation all over the world. After arrival, you will check in the hotel and then take a rest for adjustment.

Day 2: Vilnius

In the morning, you will go to visit Vilnius old town, which lies in the city center. More than 100 ancient buildings of different times and with different styles gather here and their sculptures are fine, simple and elegant. Then you will go to visit the most important symbolic building - Church of St. Anne, of which the layout is well-balanced and the hues are harmonious. It has been reputed as a bright pearl in the realm of Gothic buildings. Afterwards, you are going to visit Gate of Dawn and Vilnius University, one of the oldest universities in the East Europe. In the remaining time, you can go to Trakai, the capital of Lithuanian grand duchy in the past. After arrival, you will visit Trakai Castle of the fifteenth century. The castle is made up of pink bricks and looks very beautiful seeing from distance. The area is not large, but the city walls are very thick.

Day 3: Riga

This morning, you will leave for Riga, the capital of Latvia, which lies in the center zone of the Baltic countries and is called the “beating heart of the Baltic Sea” and “the Paris of North”. It will take about 4 hours to take the European international bus to go there. After arrival, you will go to the hotel and take a rest.

Day 4: Riga

The morning tour will take you to visit the Riga old town, which has the features of the cities of mediaeval times: buildings are low, streets are narrow and the red bricks are used on the most roofs. There is a glistening metal cock--weather cock on every roof. The Riga ancient city was built in 1201 A.D. It has a history of over 800 years and has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you will visit Dome Cathedral, Church of St. Peter, St. Jacobs Church and Old Riga Castle, etc.

Day 5: Tallinn

In the morning, you will take a bus to go to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, which was built in 1248 - the reign of the Kingdom of Danmark. After regaining the independence in 1991, it became the capital of Estonia. In history, it used to be the important transport hub that connected the central-eastern Europe and south-northern Europe and was known as “the crossroad of Europe”. After arrival, you will go to visit the old town with many medieval styles. During the visit, you will go sightseeing in the scenic spots like the parliament house, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Town Hall Square, etc.

Day 6: Departure from Lithuania

You will be free to make arrangements in the morning. You can tour around in Tallinn by yourselves and then go to the airport to return home by plane.
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