Top 10 Things to Do in Singapore

1. Universal Studios

The Universal Studios Singapore is the only amusement park under Universal Studios in Asia. There are seven theme regions: Hollywood, New York, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, Far Far Away, the Lost World and Madagascar. The fantastic movie tour will take you into a movie world. The highlights include the Double Track Roller Coaster with a height of 42.5 meters (139 feet) based on the science cartoon Robotech and the Future Water World Theater with 3,500 auditoriums.

2. Merlion Park

The Merlion Park is situated next to the Fullerton Hotel and is the smallest park in Singapore. It provides bleachers, stores and eateries for tourists to take pictures and have a rest. Also various artistic performances and amusements are held. You can appreciate them on the bleachers which can hold 200 audiences. The park is famous for the Merlion statue, the symbol of Singapore, which is tactfully designed by combining the head of lion and the body of fish.

3. Clark Quay

The Clark Quay standing near the Singapore River is an entertainment paradise combining food and amusement activities. You can enjoy Vietnamese cuisine in the nearby Indochine Restaurant. You can also try characteristic foods here such as satay, coconut water and roti prata. Besides, you can go to bars here like the Clinic, Ministry of Sound, and Kandi Bar.

4. Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay, a new landmark of Singapore, is a garden belt consisting of Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central gardens. There are two greenhouses: Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Inside the Flower Dome, the Mediterranean plants take up the most part and the plants from different regions are classified and designed into various exhibitions. The Cloud Forest simulating the environment of tropical high-altitude area is a mini version of tropical rainforests.

5. Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is the world’s highest ferris wheel with a height of 165 meters (541 feet). It totally has 28 viewing cabins and each one can at most hold 28 passengers. Tourists can see Merlion Park, Singapore River and other scenic spots by taking the ferris wheel if their schedule is too tight to visit them all. A whole ride costs 37 minutes.

6. The Night Safari

As the world’s first wildlife zoo specially for nocturnal animals with more than 2,500 inhabitants, the Night Safari provides tourists with special visiting experiences. In the grassy zoo, you can travel by taking a sightseeing bus or walking. You can go through seven different geographical regions during the bus ride from rugged Himalayas to fantastic Equatorial region of Africa and then to Asian river forest. Throughout the distinctive habitats, you can closely see bharals, Malayan tigers, Elephas maximus and other wild animals. You can also walk on pathways where buses cannot reach like “Leopard Pathway” and “Wallaby Pathway”.

7. S.E.A. Aquarium

You can closely appreciate fish groups and interact with the manta rays and other rare sea animals. Ecological Zone of Deep-Sea Mysteries is a highlight of the aquarium. You can dive into the sea area with a depth of 12 meters (39 feet) and play with fishes.

8. Chinatown Singapore

It is a main settlement for Singaporean Chinese and some famous religious landmarks. There are modern shopping centers and honorable brands. In China Square Central Flea Market opened at weekends, you can buy toys, artwares, old furniture and other bargains. Chinatown Singapore is particularly famous for foods. In Smith Street, you can try characteristic snacks like fish-ball noodles, Popiah, Char Kway Teow, turnip cake and Rojak.

9. Taking Duck Tours

As a characteristic sightseeing vehicle in Singapore, tour-ducks can go forward both on the land and water. During the travel on the land, you can see Parliament House, the Supreme Court and Government Building. When tour-ducks move on the water, you will pass by Marina Bay, Helix Bridge, Merlion Sculpture and Singapore Flyer.
You need to reserve the duck tours and book tickets in advance. And you should collect tickets on the first floor of Singapore Flyer half an hour before your trip.
Tour-ducks depart every one hour between 10:00 and 18:00 and a whole trip takes 50 minutes.

10. Characteristic Foods

Bak-Kut-teh is popular in Singapore. It is rib soup cooked together with traditional Chinese Medicines.
Hainanese Chicken Rice was introduced to Singapore by previous immigrants from Hainan China. It consists of sliced cold chicken, rice boiled in chicken soup, dark soy sauce and chili paste.
Chili Crab is the most famous seafood in Singapore. The crab is fresh and tender, and the sauce is savory hot and a little sweet.

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