Singapore Transportation

How to Travel to Singapore

Singapore is one of the major transport hubs in Asia, and travelers can easily travel to the country by air, cruise, train, or bus.

The Singapore Changi Airport and Seletar Airport are the civil aviation airports in Singapore. They provide travelers with air service around the world. Flights are available to/from about 300 cities in about 80 countries and regions worldwide, including the USA, UK, Australia, China, France, Germany, South Africa, UAE, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Japan, South Korea, Cambodia, and India.

Due to its geographic position, the country relies highly on international shipping. There are more than 200 ship routes connecting more than 600 ports in the world. Travelers can reach the country by boats and ferries from nearby islands of Malaysia and Indonesia.

International trains connect Thailand and Malaysia with Singapore, serving travelers who prefer to transfer in Asia.

Entering the country by road is also convenient. There are two accessible land links between Singapore and Malaysia, namely the Johor-Singapore Causeway and the Tuas Second Link.

Domestic Transportation in Singapore

The transportation network is well-developed in the country; people can easily get access to various means of transportation, such as bicycles, buses, taxies and trains.

1. Subways

Subways are the most important form of railway transport in Singapore. There are 5 lines running through the country and connecting many tourist attractions; and they are distinguished by different colors and numbers. The interval between train departures is about 3 - 5 minutes.

2. Light Rail Transit

It was built as a branch system of subway, with the total length of 28.8 km (18mi). Until now, 34 stations and 3 lines are available.

3. Buses

The bus system of Singapore covers all the country. More than 4,000 buses run through almost all the towns of Singapore, and most of them are air-conditioned, providing passengers with more than 300 lines. Buses generally depart every 6-20 minutes. They are comfortable, convenient and cheap.

If travelers need to take MRT, LRT and buses frequently, they can choose to buy an EZ-link card, a kind of rechargeable card for convenient public transit use. Travelers can easily get it at appointed ticket offices in MRT stations and bus interchanges.

4. Taxies

Taxis are very popular in the country, because the fares are relatively cheap compared to many other developed countries. Travelers can get a taxi either by hailing or by making an appointment via phone and internet. Usually, taxies are available in most streets, and there are taxi stands at most hotels and shopping malls. They are charged by meter.

5. SIA Hop-On

It refers to sightseeing buses dedicated for tourists. They link a stream of shopping spots, cultural sites, and entertainment centers. What’s more, they are equipped with audio commentaries in 12 languages and air-conditioners, providing travelers with comfortable travel experience.

Travelers can buy ticket at most hotels and tickets offices instituted by Singapore Airlines in the downtown, or pay the fare directly to the driver after getting on. In addition, it is free for travelers who join the Singapore Stopover Holiday plan.

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