Singapore Travel Tips


Singapore grants a visa-free stay of 30 days or 90 days to most countries, including all EU countries, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, and the US. For a small quantity of countries, the visa is required, including Russia, India, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen.

Customs Requirements

1. Singapore customs has no maximum amount limitations for foreign currency.
2. Singapore customs levies taxes on alcohol, tobacco, costume, briefcases, wallets, artificial jewelry, chocolates, sugar, bread, biscuits and cakes.
3. Duty-free goods: electric appliances, cosmetics, cameras, jewelry, gem, precious mental, shoes, artistic products and toys.
4. Chewing gums cannot be imported, carried or ate.


The currency in Singapore is Singapore Dollar (S$). 1 S$ exchanges 0.74 U.S. dollars. You need to exchange money in appointed official outlets.

Brunei currency is common in Singapore and it could be freely exchanged.


Banks are in service from 10:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Friday and they work from 11:00 to 16:30 on Saturday.


Any food in restaurants or snack stands is wholesome.
Tap water in Singapore is clean and it’s drinkable without boiling.


In Singapore, electronic products, wrist watches and jewelry are much cheaper than other countries. The Vivo City is one of the most popular shopping centers. It provides books, foods, DIY packages, electronic products, entertainment, fashion clothes and other choices for consumers.

In shops with “Tax Free” sign, you can apply tax refund if you consume S$300 or more. First, you need to fill in tax-return forms in shops, and then hand in your passport and goods to GST counter before you change the boarding pass at airport. As customs stamps in your check, you can directly get the cash from the refund counter or have it transferred to your bank account.


Spring Festival

Time: Jan. 1st_15th (Lunar Calendar)
It is the grandest festival in Singapore and people usually take part in River Hongbao Carnival near the Marina Bay during this festival. There are giant light shows, song and dance performances, fireworks display and special snacks.
Address: The Float @ Marina Bay 20 Raffles Ave Singapore 039805

National Day

Time: Aug. 9th
All streets and lanes are decorated with national flags of the country. Citizens will take part in the parade on streets to celebrate the independence of Singapore.

Dos and Don’ts

1. When visiting temples and mosques, you must dress properly and cover your hands and foot with clothing.
2. Before entering Indian temples and mosques, you need to take off your shoes.
3. While eating Indian or Malay food, you must use your right hands.
4. S$1,000 will be fined for spitting and dropping litter on the floor.
5. Smoking is not allowed in Singapore, or you will be fined S$500.
6. S$50 will be fined for climbing railings.


You can buy SIM card in post offices, 7-Eleven convenient stores and local mobile-phone operators.


Every hotel in Singapore has access to free Internet currently.


The voltage in Singapore is 220-260V. And most hotels provide voltage adapters.

Medical Service

You can buy drugs in supermarkets, stores, shopping areas and hotels. Registered pharmacists work from 9:00 to 18:00. And most hotels have doctors on duty all day.

Useful Numbers

Ambulance & Fire: 995
Police: 999

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