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How to Plan Your Ghana Tour?

Best Time to Visit: Dry season from November to April
Major Cities for International Flights: Accra (capital)
Visa: Nationals of most countries are required to obtain a visa to enter Ghana as a tourist.
Money Tips: The national currency of Ghana is cedi (GHS). Credit cards are widely accepted throughout Ghana, especially in large hotels and restaurants.
  • 3-5 Days
    Travel to the largest and capital city - Accra, there is no lack of things to do. Visit a lot of museums to know the history and explore an open-air craft market. If you are specially interested in tracing the beauty of nature, then make a day trip to Boti Falls or Shai Hills Resource Reserve.
  • 6-9 Days
    Head off to the chaotic capital of the Ashanti kingdom - Kumasi. Here you can learn the thrilling history of the kingdom, pay a visit to the surrounding craft villages which reveal the life and art of the Ashanti people. Continue to Cape Coast and Elmina to gain a better understanding of the African miserable salve trade by touring the slave forts.
  • 10 Days or More
    You have more time to plan an in-depth Ghana vacation. Extend the trip to visit more highlights of Ghana, including the Mole National Park, the Kakum National Park and the Volta Region.

Trip Planning FAQs

What type of wildlife can I see during Ghana tours?
The wildlife resource in Ghana is rich and diverse. According to the records, there are as many as over 200 species of reptiles and amphibians, and a large number of animals like elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos and many kinds of monkeys.
Which airport should I fly into Ghana?
Do I need to get vaccinations?
Is tipping required in Ghana?
Can I drink tap water in Ghana?
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