Turkey Transportation

How to Get to Turkey

International Flights

The busiest international airport in Turkey is Ataturk International Airport, which is about 23 kilometers (14 miles) west of Istanbul. The International Terminal and the Domestic Terminal are just around the corner. There are direct flights to Turkey from major cities in the world like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Rome, Melbourne, Tokyo, and Bangkok.

How to transfer between Ataturk International Airport and downtown?

    If arriving at midnight, the best way is to order a minibus with people of same flight with similar destination.
Take M1 to Zeytinburnu and then transfer to T1 to Sultanahment, very convenient, the cost is within 10TL.
From 4am to 11:30pm, every half an hour there is one bus from airport to Taksim Square with a cost of 11TL.
Price starts at 3.2TL, then 2TL per kilometer. Taxi in Istanbul is notorious, not recommended.

International Railways

Visitors can take international railways to enter Turkey. Though Turkey is neighbored with eight countries, they are of no good relationship, which makes the entry process not friendly at all. For example, the visa procedures sometimes can only be paid in Euros and U.S. dollars. Many border entrances do not have ATM machines, so enough cash is necessary.

Passenger Ship

In addition to frequent Mediterranean sailings, foreign passenger ships are also available in Trabzon, Samsun, Dikli, Istanbul, Cesme, Kusadasi, Bodrum, Marmaris, Antalya, Alanya, Merjun, Iskandaruan regularly, so do passenger liners sailing from both sides of the Bosphorus.

Besides, privately owned steamships perfectly connect the Turkish cities and Greek islands along the Aegean coast. Between these Greek islands and Athens, convenient tools like planes and steamers have a daily round-trip in summer and operate once a week or less in winter.


Ferry liners in the ports of Venice, Ankara, Brindisi and Bari can directly get to Turkish cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Cesme, Kusadasi, Marmari IV, and Antalya.

How to Get around Turkey


There are five main domestic airline companies in Turkey, namely Turkey Airlines, Atlasjet Airlines, Pegasus Airlines,SunExpress Airlines, Onurair. They all have very special rate for airline tickets. For some tourist cities, Atlasjet Airlines and Onurair provide free shuttle service.

Train and Renting a Train

Turkey's train tickets are quite cheap, almost half of the bus tickets for the same distance. The best trains are of the same quality as Western Europe’s. The trains are equipped with carriages of different functions like sleeping, dining and rest, providing first-class and second-class services. For individuals with tight budgets, scheduling a night trip on train is a practical way to save on accommodation. The railway network basically covers the central and eastern regions, but there is almost no railway in coastal area except a short route between Izmir and Selçuk.

In the Aegean coastal area, groups can rent steam trains and choose their destinations. For large groups, trains can be rented anywhere in Turkey.


The long-distance bus system between cities in Turkey is almost the best one among all countries for its dense frequency, reasonable fares and good facilities. Long-distance buses are well developed, air-conditioned and non-smoking. Mineral water, fruits, biscuits, etc. are normally provided in buses. It smells like lemon perfume inside the bus. Most long-distance bus stations, called Otogar in Turkish, are usually located in the outskirts of cities. Minibuses are available from downtown to bus stations. In bus stations, the boarding location, bus numbers, and destinations are clearly marked. Functional units like telecom post offices, car rental counters, travel agencies, shops, cafes, service centers, and taxi call stations are all right over there.

Renting Car

To rent a motorized vehicle in Turkey, the driver must be older than 21 years old with a year of driving experience. Car rental can be paid by credit card. Without credit card, 500 euros as a deposit are needed. Most cars are manually controlled. Most car rental companies charge 100-140 euros for an off-site returning fee. In summer, the cost of renting a standard car (a week’s duration, unlimited travel route) is 400-500 euros, including tax and insurance fee and the daily rental is approximately 40-70 euros.

Taxi and Dolmus

Taxis are numerous in big cities and they are in yellow. The fare is counted according to the distance. Dolmus is a unique Turkish transportation tool. Marked by yellow stripes, they have well-defined routes. Fare is calculated according to the distance between the prescribed stations. Not only allocated in big cities but also in suburban areas, airports, and suburban cities, it is very convenient and much cheaper than taxi.

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