Free from annoying shopping stops and enjoy a relaxing holiday!
Arranging shopping stops is a hidden rule among most travel companies. It brings extra profit to companies but unpleasant experience to travelers. As Agate Travel always gives priority to our customers' enjoyment and satisfaction, we prefer to assure you with 100% no shopping tours of India and China.

Why Choose No Shopping Trips?

Straight to the Point & Time-saving
Shopping stops take up your time of exploring the attractions. No shopping tours will take you to only destinations you want to go and allow more time to enjoy the trip.

The guide and driver are usually paid for taking travelers to factory stores and earn commission from the sales. If you are taken to a shopping stop, you will at least waste one hour staying there. You will also spend more time on the way. Then the tour time will be shortened.
No Forced Purchase & Money-saving
No shopping tours are in a relaxing atmosphere with no compelled shopping at tourist souvenirs shops and factories.

For a shopping tour, in addition to the obligatory stay, the salesmen will keep on pushing you to buy their products, often at a higher price, and your guide will frown at you if you make no purchase. At last, you might buy something you don't need at an inappropriate price or your holiday mood could be messed up. Our well-trained guides have good pay and they pour scorn on these 'part-time job'. A cordial and friendly travel atmosphere is what we look for.

No Mandatory Shopping ≠ No Shopping

AgateTravel's no shopping tours never include any kind of stores or factories in the itinerary. Although some travel agencies assert that you are free from the forcible shopping, your tour package still has shopping stops that waste your time.

In addition, we recommend you ask the consultant about the shopping stops. Some tour packages do not mention it in their advertised itinerary but there are implicit shopping stops indeed, even two more in a day, which badly disturb your sightseeing. Also, aviod the shopping site restaurants with low prices. It is another trap.

How Can I Go Shopping in a No Shopping Tour?

There are lots of nice shopping markets in India and China that sell anything you can imagine. Souvenirs, exotic snacks, gems, even antiques, whatever you want, our experienced guides and consultants are always ready to offer you advice of the best markets that meet your requirements.

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