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Highlight China Travel with Kunming

Tour Code: WT-L/S105
13 Days to Beijing, Xian, Kunming, Lijiang, Kunming, Guilin and Shanghai
Starting from US per person
  • Day
    Entry Beijing

    When you arrive in Beijing, our guide will meet you at the airport exit holding a sign with your name on it and transfer you to the well-selected hotel we arranged for you in advance. The rest of day is free for you to stroll around in the city. You can ask your guide for some useful information.

  • Day

    Badaling Great Wall, Beijing

    Todays tour will begin with strolling across the Tiananmen Square leisurely. At each corner of the Tiananmen Tower is a marble pillar engraved with flying dragons and clouds. The structure is called Huabiao in Chinese and is a symbol of supremacy built in front of Chinese architecture. Through the Meridian Gate on the north side of the square, you will enter the well-known Forbidden City. Dominating the heart of the city, the Forbidden City is a range of well-preserved palace architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties and it is the largest of its kind in the country. After enjoying an a la carte lunch at a nice restaurant, transfer you to visit the Temple of Heaven which is the largest temple architecture in China with a history of over 500 years. In the evening, a fascinating Chinese Kungfu show at Red Theatre will be arranged for you. (B, L)

  • Day

    Drive out of downtown to visit the Badaling Great Wall. The wall in this section was constructed of stone slabs and the top of the wall was paved with bricks. The crenellated battlements on the outer side of the wall provide archers cover and the large and small holes on it were used for watching and shooting in wartime. To celebrate this historic visit, your lunch is specially arranged at a local popular Sichuan cuisine restaurant. Then visit the Sacred Way and the Ming Tomb in the afternoon. The Sacred Way is a road usually built in front of an ancient Chinese mausoleum, which symbolically led emperors to Heaven. The Sacred Way in the Ming Tomb is a typical example. On the way back to downtown, drive by the Birds Nest (Olympic National Stadium). You will see its appearance at a distance. (B, L)

  • Day
    Beijing/ Xian

    Terracotta Army

    In the morning, take a visit to the Summer Palace. Most travelers enter the Summer Palace from East Palace Gate and the first section includes Court Area also called Administrative Area where emperors dealt with court affairs and diplomatic events. The visit in the Summer Palace takes around 2 hours. Then after a la carte lunch in a famous local restaurant, you will have a Hutong tour to experience the original Beijing culture by taking a special rickshaw riding through the various Hutongs and to know about Old Beijings manners and customs.  In the afternoon, drive to Beijing airport and take a flight to Xian. Upon arrival, our guide will meet you and transfer you to check in the hotel. (B, L)

  • Day

    Morning excursion takes you to the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum. Unlike the terra cotta figures unearthed in the other two pits, those in Pit 3 are stand along the walls seemly serving as a guard of honor. These men carried unique weapon called a Shu. Sacrificial offerings unearthed indicate religious ritual and prayers for a victorious army. Your a la carte lunch is served at a well-known restaurant. In the afternoon, go to visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The newly built North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda is also worth a visit especially in the evening. Having the largest musical fountain in Asia, the square also contains a strong sense of Tang Dynasty culture. It combines well the past with modern life. The day tour ends by a view of the City Wall. Cycling on top of the wall, you will have a birds eye view of the city. Tonight you will enjoy the wonderful Tang Dynasty Music and Dances Show and have the Dumpling Dinner at Shaanxi Opera Theater. (B, L, D) 

  • Day
    Xian - Kunming

    Your last two stops in Xian are the visit of the Great Mosque and a local family. Unlike Arabic mosques which have splendid domes, minarets reaching into the clouds, and colorful engraved sketches with dazzling patterns, the Great Mosque is built in a Chinese traditional style with the grounds taken up by platforms, pavilions and halls. Near the mosque is a lively bazaar, where you will enjoy some free time. While in a local familys home, you can have a rough view of their usual native life and experience the different culture. An a la carte lunch will be served in the family you visit. Then take a flight to Kunming and transfer you to the hotel.  (B, L)

  • Day
    Kunming/ Lijiang

    Lijiang Old Town

    Todays highlight excursion will take you to The First Wonder of the World, Yunnan Stone Forest, which is a splendid example of typical karst physiognomy and a real labyrinth that often stuns visitors. The present Stone Forest is a scenic area, consisting of Major Stone Forest, Minor Stone Forest, Naigu Stone Forest, Zhiyun Cave, Strange Wind Cave, Long Lake, Dadie Waterfall, and other attractions. It takes about 2 hours for the visit there. Then take a flight to Lijiang and transfer to the hotel. The unimaginable peace and harmony between nature and humans in Lijiang has made it a Xanadu on the earth. (B, L)

  • Day

    Visit the Baisha Village, a local Naxi family, the Baisha Murals and the Rock Josephs Former Residence in Yuhu Village. The afternoon is free for you to explore the Old Town by yourselves. In the center of this old town there is a Square Street. Four branch streets stretch to the four directions: east, south, west and north. Stores are standing shoulder by shoulder. You can easily find various kinds of paintings, craftworks, bronze wares, woodcarvings, jade articles, musical instruments and other snacks of Naxi nationality. (B, L)

  • Day
    Lijiang/ Kunming/ Guilin

    See you off for the flight to Kunming. And then take the flight to Guilin by yourself. Upon reaching the Guilin airport, the guide will pick you up with comfortable transfer. (B)

  • Day
    Guilin/ Yangshuo/ Guilin

    Li River Cruise, Guilin

    Enduring memories are created today as you cruise down the Li River to Yangshuo. As the saying goes that the hills and rivers of Guilin are the best across the world. This praise is popular among most Chinese of all ages as well as regular tourists from other countries. The town is most famous for the Four Perfections, namely verdant hills, emerald-green rivers, unusual caves and elegant stones. Hence Guilin has become a paradise for sightseers from every corner of the globe. During the cruise tour on the Li River, you will have a good view of the beautiful scenes in Guilin. Upon arrival in Yangshuo, a short bicycle trip (or car transfer) to the countryside will then be arranged. You will visit a local villagers home to experience the farmers lifestyle there. Transfer back to Guilin before dinner time. (B, L)
    Tips: Since the lunch on the Li River cruise can not meet your expectation, TCG suggest that you have enough breakfast at the hotel today.

  • Day
    Guilin/ Shanghai

    Visit the Reed Flute Cave, the Seven Star Park and the Elephant Trunk Hill. The three sites are the typical destinations for travelers from other places to visit Guilin. It will be a pleasant experience to listen to a tour guides interpretation of the romantic legends and stories behind those fantastic formations of the Reed Flute Cave and you will have a lot fun to be in the Seven Star Park - the largest zoological park in the city with a combination of several hill attractions, a zoo, a stone forest and other garden architecture and the Elephant Trunk Hill, a landmark of Guilin. Restaurants, teahouses, pavilions and other convenient tourist facilities make the travelers trips comfortable. After the visit, you will take a flight to Shanghai to experience the glitz of Chinas most cosmopolitan city. You will be accommodated in a well-selected hotel with convenient transportation. (B, L)

  • Day

    Shanghai Bund area

    The morning tours take you to the Shanghai Museum and the Yuyuan Garden. The Shanghai Museum building has a circular upper storey but square ground floor. Seen from a distance, the entire structure is just like an ancient Chinese bronze, providing you with a very different impression of the building. While the Yuyuan Garden is the most celebrated classical Chinese garden in Shanghai and attracts countless visitors from home and abroad each year. After an a la carte lunch at a well-selected restaurant, you will take a cruise tour. Wander along the Bund and visit an old street in Shanghai.  (B, L)

  • Day
    Exit Shanghai

    See off at the airport to board your homeward flight and our service ends here. (B)

City Luxury Standard
BeijingCrowne Plaza Hotel  Holiday Inn Central Plaza  
XianSheraton Hotel  Bell Tower Hotel  
KunmingGrand Park Hotel  Jinjiang Hotel  
LijiangCrowne Plaza Lijiang Ancient Town  WangFu Hotel  
GuilinSheraton Hotel  Guilin Bravo Hotel  
ShanghaiRenaissance Shanghai Yuyuan Hotel  Grand Mercure Shanghai Zhongya  
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6-9 $3010 $3930 $2720 $3460 $2560 $3070 $2330 $2710
10 & above $2710 $3600 $2460 $3090 $2220 $2650 $2090 $2370

The above private guided tour is tailored for you, your family or your friends exclusively. No other participants will be in your group. In other words, others will not join in your tour and you will not take part into any tours of others on our land services.

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