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Mauritania Tours

Tour Code: WT-Mauritania 01
26 Days Nouakchott - Touilit - Nouamghar - Timirist - Louik - Nouadhibou - Choum - Terjit - Azougui - Atar - Chinguetti - Ouadane - Tinigui - Amogjar - Tidjikja - Lekhcheb - Zig - Tichit - Aratane - Tagouraret - Oualata - Nema - Ayoun - Kiffa - Selibabi - Kaedi - Rosso - Keur Massene

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Mauritania

    You will fly to Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania which lies in the west of the Sahara Desert in Africa. After arrival, you will go to check in the hotel and have a good rest.

  • Day
    Nouakchott - Touilit - Nouamghar - Timirist

    In the morning you will leave Nouakchott for the seaside by way of the Great Dune. If time is available today, you will stop and have a view of the tide. Then move on to visit the fishing village Touilit. There are canoes of different colors around the coast of the village. After the visit in Touilit, you will head to Nouamghar and finally get to Timirist which locates at the entrance of Banc d’Arguin National Park.

  • Day
    Banc dArguin - Louik

    Banc d’Arguin National Park is one of the most important natural reserve areas in the world and a World Natural Heritage recognized by the United Nations. The place is the best choice for bird observers, since birds definitely pass here when they fly from Europe to South Africa. Many birds stop here on their way and propagate here. That is also where its significance and meaning lie in. You will have an all-day visit in this national park. After the visit you will continue the trip to Louik.

  • Day
    Louik - Nouadhibou

    You will go to the desert area in Nouadhibou from Louik in the morning. Nouadhibou is the second largest city of the ancient North African country Mauritania. On arrival, you are going to visit “Cap Blanc”, which is an area expanded from the Banc d’Arguin National Park. The area is set to protect the monk seals which are dying out.

  • Day
    Nouadhibou - Choum

    After sightseeing in Nouadhibou, you will take the Train of the Desert and start today’s journey. The train is the longest and also the heaviest one in the world, with a length of 2 kilometers. It is also responsible for carrying minerals from Zouerate to Nouadhibou. You will take this train to get to Choum and have a tour around the city upon arrival.

  • Day
    Choum - Terjit

    Today you will head to Terjit which lies at the foot of Mauritanidas Mountains. It can be called an oasis in the desert, where there are many hot springs, making it a rare place for relax during your journey. Hot spring bathing will be arranged for you, so as to get rid of the tiredness which is created from the start of your tour.

  • Day
    Terjit - Azougui - Atar - Chinguetti

    After leaving Terjit, you will first go to visit Azougui, which is an ancient city built in 11th century. Now it is a divine place, for there is the tomb of Imam El-Hadrami. In the afternoon, you will head to Chinguetti, which is an Islamic city and also listed as one of world cultural heritages by the United Nations.

  • Day
    Chinguetti - Ouadane

    Your journey today will be very hard as you will travel across the real desert areas, where there are only dunes and sands with no trace of roads. You will have an actual experience of going through the desert without any contact with the outside world. After going through the desert, you will arrive at Ouadane. Here you are going to visit the museum of Ouadane to learn something about the local culture and history.

  • Day
    Ouadane - Tinigui

    This morning, you will go to Tinigui by riding camels and pay a visit to the North African Islamic hermit families. You will get to know their life and culture there.

  • Day
    Tinigui - Amogjar - Atar

    You will first go to Amogjar today. You will have a view of the pre-historic frescoes in Amogjar canyon and learn about the conditions of this area at that time from the frescoes. There were elephants, giraffes and other animals at that time but now all those animals have died out in this area. After that you will proceed to Atar, where there is the largest and most colorful market of this area. You can not only purchase anything you like but also feel the typical Sahara trade atmosphere.

  • Day
    Atar - Tagant Desert

    Today you will first make a series of preparations at Atar and then set off to Tagant Desert.

  • Day
    Tagnant Desert

    Today you will go across desert, mountains, sand dunes and plains, and have a full view of the magnificent desert scenery made up by them.

  • Day
    Tagnant Desert - Tidjikja

    Today you will go through the desert and finally get to the city of Tidjikja built by the moor tribes in 1680. Tidjikja has its unique architecture styles. All the local buildings are full of geometrical drawings and decorations with pictures of mythical animal. In addition to your visit in urban district of the city, you will also go to visit the palm forest in Tidjikja. This palm forest is also the largest one in Mauritania.

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